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Please Help First Cycle


this is my first cycle i really need input to what i have come up with please help

week 1-10 500 mg of testosterone Enanthate monday and thursday (250mg per injection)
1000 mg of milk thirstle ED
450mg of saw palmetto ED
.25mg arimidex
proscar 1mg

wait two weeks from last injection (.25mg arimidex still used until pct commences)
day 1 60mg nolvadex
40mg nolvadex
week 3-4
20mg nolvadex
(i have an abundance of both nolvadex and clomid so any input for post cycle therapy if i should do both or just one please comment)
im eating a strict paleo diet but adding protein powder due to the fact that ill be taking in 400 g per day. i will put up my whole diet if people think its necessary but im more concerned about my cycle. im also using assault for pre workout and muscle pharm armor-v for multi vitamin..

any input into my cycle would help thank you..


im a newb also, but im sure ppl would want to see ur stats, age, etc.


Yea, add some stats.

And can you explain the inclusion of the proscar. Do you normally use it?

Your cycle is constructed fine, just give some more info.


I'm 22 years old and weigh 200 lbs (ten percent body fat outside of training) I've been training since i could walk in wrestling. I am now a professional mma fighter and realize that in the world of professional sports, steroids are a very important factor. Ive been weight lifting since i was 13 but started lifting hard when i was 17.

Ive been doing Crossfit and Crossfit football for the past 4 years. i don't know any measurement of my body due to the fact that I'm not a bodybuilder and size is not what I'm looking to achieve. I have a new prescription for Proscar because my family is prone to early MPB. both my brothers went bald at an early age as did my father. basically I'm just looking to hold onto as much hair as i can for as long as i can.



Liver support w/o hepatoxic compounds?


using testosterone produces more bad cholesterol. when using Arimidex which shuts down a majority of your estrogen (estrogen being a naturally high cholesterol fighter) this produces an excess amount of LTD. milk thistle lowers the levels of LTDs in your system which in turn is obviously beneficial for the cycle I'm on. basically I'm taking it for heart health not liver support.


As a bit of semi related personal experience.

Using testosterone alone has a minimal effect on my HDL/LDL, up to about 750mg/wk

Using arimidex tanks my HDL.

Im not saying youre right or wrong, nor am I saying anything about milk thistle.