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Please Help Critique My Current Workout

Hello Sir,

I was hoping I could get your input on my current workout and maybe some advice as to how I should/could make it better fit my goals. Which are to basically look good in a bathing suit.

A little bit about me, I am 29, about 6’1-2 with fairly long levers. I started back lifting about two months ago when I weighed 183. Up until that point I had strictly focused on cardio and weight maintenance. I had lost around 70 pounds over the years (topping off at 250) and didn’t want to balloon up again. I finally decided to just go for it and keep an eye on my waist size (which has stayed around 35 in) and have been pretty happy with the results so far but I want to keep pushing and hopefully find a way to keep building muscle and burn some fat at the same time.

Sorry for the long winded explanation, but I figured the more info the better with something like this. I am going to type in my workout below and would appreciate any input you have!

Snatch grip back pull 6 sets X 6 reps
Trap bar deadlift 5 sets X 8 reps
Chinup 5 sets to failure
Bent over dumbell fly 4 sets X 15 reps
Face pull 4 sets 15 reps
Cable seated row 4 Sets X 15 reps

Barbell bench 6 sets X 4 reps
Dumbell incline bench 4 sets X 10 reps
Cable crossover 4 sets X 15 reps
Pushup 2 sets till failure
Machine chest press 4 sets X 10 reps

Front squat 6 sets X 8 reps
Dumbell revers lunge 4 sets X 10 reps
Machine leg extension 4 sets X 10 reps
Deadlift 4 sets X 10 reps
Eccentric glute-ham raise 3 sets X 6 reps
Leg curl 3 sets X 10 reps

Push press 5 sets X 10 reps
High pull 5 Sets X 8 reps
Dumbell lat raises 5 sets X 12 reps
Arnold press 4 sets X 10 reps
Barbell bent-over row 4 sets X 12 reps
Machine shoulder press 5 sets X 10 reps

Angled prone curl 4 sets X 12 reps
Cable bicep curl 4 sets X 12 reps
Reverse grip bench 4 sets X 12 reps
Cable triceps push down 4 sets X 12 reps
Cable triceps overhead extensions 4 sets X 12 reps

I also do various ab exercises three-4 times a week but nothing definitively. I as curious about whether or not I should add in some weighted ab exercises. Any help from anybody would be greatly appreciated. I am also limited to how quickly I can get from one exercise to the next due to where my gym is and what equipment I have. I am deployed with the military, the gym has everything I need but there is usually a wait for the various machines so a circuit would be difficult.