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Please Help; Androgel


What's up everyone,

I'm back after several years of busting hump setting up my company. Becuase of the stress of building the business (a gym), my T levels took a shit... I had to go TRT (replacement therapy), even though I am barely 30 yrs old. I really need help finding a source for Androgel or the generic (Androfil or Cernos gel).

I know some of you would just recommend getting on regular gear but the daily application of the gel mimics the body's natural production. I know pinning would be far cheaper but to keep T levels steady I would have to use it every couple days... for me this means FOR LIFE since I am on replacement therapy. I cannot see doing this. I do have a prescription for Adrogel but it costs me $4,000 a year!

I heard somewhere that you could also use DMSO + test on the wrist daily. Anyway ever heard of this?

I've spent hours searching the net but to no avail with anything legit. Please help... if you know anyone legit sourcing this please PM me or post.

Thank you very much,



I am on TRT, the doctor gave me a script for Testim, it stinks and is sticky so I asked to change to test cyp injections. Pinning E3D is not a big deal, it will take you less than 5 minutes and you will not stink and have to wait 15 minutes before putting your shirt on.

I know you dont want to hear it but I will say it anyway: ditch the androgel and switch to test injections of 100-200 mg/wk. Adex is also recommended, look up anything written by KSMAN on the subject and you will have an abundance to learn from.



I appreciate your opinion. But 100-200mg/wk seems like a weak BB dosage; I am not interested in bulking any more... at least not right now. I would need to find out what the equivelant dose is compared to 5mg of daily Androgel as pinned drugs are not metabolized to the same degree as topical. I will look into it, thanks.



There is now a T replacement forum. Your question would be a better fit there, and it might get more responses. For a cheaper alternative to Androgel look for a local compounding pharmacy that will make you a transdermal. As long as you keep absorbing the cream and your blood work looks good then stick with it.

5mg/day of Androgel seems a bit low. Might you be using 5 grams/day? 100-200mg/wk of Test Cyp is a standard dose for hormone replacement and is not going to cause you to "bulk up".




The misinformation leaves me speechless.


What in the hell are you talking about?


I would strongly recommend reading through the stickies in this forum.

After that, do you have any questions about any aspect of the recommended course of action?


A good dr right in your back yard is Dr crisler one of the most well respected. If you have good insurance you could make a trip out to philly to see Dr overbeck and then do things over the phone. Not alot of Dr's take insurance so it may cover the cost of the initial visit that many HRT dr's charge. But again the avergage amount of testosterone produced over the week is about 70-100 mgs for average male 25 provided they have every thing else in working order.