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Please Help - Advice for Cycle

Hi ,

I have been working out now for about five years and have cycled on and off steroids in the past I recently decided after a year off to start a new cycle consisting of a 300 mg a week tri blend of tren, masteron, and test prop! I am also taking 20 mg of dbol 5 days a week two days off !

My question is first the Tri blend I am splitting up 300 mg into two shots a week mon and thu and I’m not sure if that’s the best way to take it secondly the dbol will run out before the injections I’m confused on how to cycle this properly and what type of pct I should be using I was assuming when all was finished I would use clomid 40 mg a day for two weeks and then 20 mg a day for two weeks !

I’m trying to keep as much as I can but stay clear or any gyno or neg sides when I’m finished ! Thank you for your time and your advice ! ( no offense but please answer me back if your experienced I’m not looking for just someone’s opinion )