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Please Help A Friend


OK ...talking to my buddy about his use and he says he wants to go off. Because libido issues.

Here is a log of the convo. I left out names for safety of the parties involved.


i think im goona take a break

get off allt he shit

for a month or two =)=)


ahh ..there goes Friend ....shhhhhhrrrink


i know haha

its goona be bad

but i eed my dick to work properly for a bit my gf is getting pissed haha

plus i just wanna detox for a bit...

body is tired..


why your drive gone away?


drive is there ...just cant get hard all the time

fucking sucks





my friends have the same problem..


what are you currently taking


test and tren


amounts per week?


whats that shit you take to come off......



it could be you just need another chemical to counter a sides of the tren or test


400 mg a week of tren


how much test



500 test

per week


ok would you care if I asked some friends of mine who are experts in this field ..just so I can make sure I give you the right advice?

you might not need to come off


sure man


just add something to counter whats going on ..how long have you been on?



long time

half a year at least



Should he get blood work done? He is in Canada and so I am not sure how that would effect his health records or anything. Any recommendations would be good.

I am suspecting either estrogen build up or progesterone. I am sure he does not want to come off. Cause he said only for a month or so. But he has been on too long for a month or 2 to make a difference in his hormone profile. I told him after its not something you want to cold turkey from.

He knows very little about how to come off ..yeah yeah I know he should research his shit and I lecture him all the time. He desperately needs some help.


I do think it is possible to stay on and solve the issue BUT coming off would too… and depending on how the trial and error goes… it may be faster to come off.

The trouble with these issues and pleasing the woman, is they ask you to stop to get libido back - not understanding it will be significantly worse for some time if you do that.

Tren for me is pro-libido… but i know this isnt the case for everyone. I personally do not believe it is progestin/prolactin based at all. i do not think Tren has this activity - that said, it may have a tiny amount of this activity - and in a select few, this may be just enough to throw it off. so to be safe 9plus it is pro-sexual too) i would use caber.

Other options to try alongside the above would be to drop the tren, and keep 250-350mg test a week. this is often plenty to support a libido but not too much to be counteractive to that (as is common IME).

He could add some proviron and some tadalafil - they can be very useful in the short term (weeks).

Of course, IF none of this works - as is possible of course, then he would want to come off… but then he would have added a significant number of weeks to the low libido - testing the bird’s patience.

If he comes off straight away, he will need to be prepared for a relatively long period of loq libido. i would use the stasis taper… with 2 weeks on nothing, then commencing 100mg/wk enanth/cyp for a few weeks then a slow taper off… using SERM during the taper and after.
I would also use caber throughout the whole period, as i would proviron until the taper. And Tadalafil too if it works.

TBH if the issue isnt drive, but hardness it is NOT going to be prolactin - but caber can help anyway.
But if it is just hardness he suffers, then Tadalafil should solve that quickly and fast - staying on cycle.




Get him to try an estrogen and prolactin drug and see if that helps. If he really wants to come off and he’s been on for that long, he has to really come off. No couple months bullshit. If he is serious you have the serm and hcg pct or the taper pct to choose from.