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Please have a look at my new diet


OK, I know you guys aren't too big on critiquing other people's diets, but I've just started the first planned out, organized diet I've ever tried, and I think I've done a decent job of putting it together. I calculated how many Calories I will need with the Massive Eating 1 article. I'm currently getting about 4200 Calories and about 190g of protein a day (I weigh about 160, estimated 9 or 10 percent body fat). This is divided into 7 or 8 meals, 2 of them are P+F meals, pre-workout and before bed. A lot of my Calories come from flax oil, which I know is good, and olive oil (is this a good Omega-3 source?). The only problem I see is that only about 18 percent of my total Calories are coming from protein. Is this a big problem? Is it possible for me to gain lean muscle mass with this diet, or do you think I might get pretty fat? I am currently doing EDT 4 days a week.


One more question. Would taking Yohimbe during this bulking phase help curb fat loss, or should I save it for a cutting phase for maximum results?


How much flax oil and olive oil are you consuming? As for your protein intake it's ok for muscle growth but if eating that many calories I'd rather see your protein up in the 1.5-2 grams per lb/bw per day. It's hard to say if you're just gonna get fat on this diet or not. How many calories were you eating prior? If not near as many then you'd probably be better off with a gradual buildup to this level.


first of all, it's good that you are putting some thought into your diet. while i'm not one who believes that diet is the most important part, it definetly makes a difference. but i would definetly reccommend sliding into that kind of calorie jump. give your body a chance to adjust. i would suggest 2800 to 3000 cal to start, then increase by 200 to 300 cal per week until you reach 4200, or what ever your target number becomes. plus, at your current weight, stay around 250 to 280 grams of protein. you may put on a little fat, but that's the nature of the game when your trying to add muscle. one last thing to think about, try to adjust your macronutrient number (i.e. - protein, fat and carbs) about every couple of weeks, as your weight will change, your cal and every thing else must change in order to continueing progress. hope this helps. later


I'm getting about 5 or 6 tablespoons of oil (flax or olive) each day, in P+F meals and at work/at school shakes.


I've just ordered some Classic Grow, so when that arrives my protein will be up to about 210-230g a day. Anyone else want to chime in?


My opinion only: @ 4200 cals. and your comment that 'alot' of your calories come from oil, I'm curious to know what percentage your fat and carbs are. I agree with Kelly that it's hard to gauge what your result will be. 4200 is alot of calories for 160lbs. I start packing on BF over 3500 cal. and I'm a similar weight 'lean' that is. For 'bulking' at the calories your looking at or slightly less, IMHO I'd look at a 50% carb., 30% protein & 20% fat derived from fish caps, MCT and CLA. Ramp carbs up until midday and start tapering them off in the afternoon and avoiding them in the evening - except for a pre/during/post workout replenishment - if u train at night.It's unavoidable to 'naturally' gain bulk without fat on high cal. diets, so on bulking/high cal. your interest should be with higher carbs, then on a cutting/low cal. diet (1500-2000cal: 40P/40F/20C)carbs can be minimised and fat intake increased. Cycle these diet routine every 4-6 weeks and you shouldn't have to shed bulk amounts of blubber.I keep the same workout and simply change diet to bulk or strip. Diet/nutrition is IMHO 80% of your result, as training should only be a spike or catalyst for the body to respond to resistance training.Keep searching 'all' the info on this site and others to gain a well-rounded knowledge of nutrition.


I also take a radical aproach like this when it comes to bulking. I'm on 5000 kcals a day on a 40% fat, 25% pro and 35% carbs split. Bodyweight is 193 pounds 13-14% BF.

I think your protein intake could be a bit higer but 190 gr should do just fine.

Olive oil is not a source of Omega 3. Fish oils are.