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Please Guess my BF Percentage


hi… want to be about 10 to 13% before bulk. where am i roughly at. thanks


99.999% at least. Maybe slightly higher

edit: and get a haircut, hippy


It is sheer insanity to have a certain percentage you want to be at before you bulk but then depend on strangers guesses to determine if you had made that percentage.

It would be akin to if NASA decided they were going to send a man to Mars and then let twitter decide how much fuel they needed for the mission.

The number is meaningless in any context. Use the mirror. Once you are at the level of leaness you want, go from there, no matter what that percentage number happens to be.


nah brother… :wink:


you definitely need to cut. Seriously, cut at least 10lbs before you consider a bulk.


not meaning to distrust your advice but 10 lbs… really? i know im not super lean but i wouldnt think i would need to loose that much.


the only reason i say is because theres alot of info to suggest that the leaner you start a bulk the better.


Right, but why would you need a number to measure leanness, especially a number guessed upon by strangers? Why not just look in the mirror or take some photos?

In fact, you’ve made a topic just like this from what I remember.


also… want to thank yogi for your previous advice for me to see a sports therapist. starting to recover from alot of issues i have being having after the treatment. thanks bud


no i was asked if i was lean enough to bulk about a year ago. a lot of what ive read suggested being in the 10 to 13 range. thats where the figure comes from.


You said no, but it seems like you’re agreeing with me.


no worries, also - I’m fucking with you about the ten pounds thing. You are very skinny, so yes, you are absolutely in a position to bulk.


i thought you might of been… yes being skinny is one thing im struggling to overcome but ill get there.


i dont know man :slight_smile: thanks again for trying to help though.


Eat motherfucker, eat.

But, he was serious about the haircut you hippie.


yeah i need to get some muscle on me. i dont really gain fat so i shouldnt be worried about my starting bf percentage too much.


Seriously, get a beginner program and eat clean. You’ll make good gains in a short period of time. If you’re not sure about your caloric needs, check out a TDEE calculator on line and track your own calories, MyFitnessPal works fine. Eat at a surplus of 250-500 calories per day and you won’t get fat if you’re in the gym.

Good luck.


Hey there dimebag87 when you get baked keep a lot of nutrient-dense food on hand to munch on. Leave the Cheetos at the store and instead chow down on a gigantic steak with a mountain of veggies. Or maybe some nuts. Or something else too maybe. I forget how it goes.


might be a dimebag of heroin. Maybe that’s how he stays so lean.


yeah thats the plan!