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Please God, Let it Be Over 1.5!

175 lb
27 years of age
7 years training total, with a 3 year layoff

Re-posted correctly.

No doubt about it, you are solid. Leg and back shots would be excellent, although I can tell from this picture your legs and back width are pretty good. Keep up the good work and please return with additional pictures.

Thanks, man! Here’s another pic (sorry if it comes out wrong, my excuse is that I’m stupid).

Yep, still sideways. Still stupid. Another one, working out on my sister’s chin bar. She can do 2 chinups, whereas I can do about 15. Which means that I OWN the 17 year old, 150 lb little weakling. Boo-ya!

And another. Witness the shirt busting, mind boggling, freakishly ripped, deeply striated, vein popping, deeply separated awesomness of the side tricep pose!

(I’m joking)

Everybody wanna be a bodbuilda’, but nobody wanna lift no heavy-ass legs! Yeah buddy!!!

People are going to comment on your leg size, and lack of good leg shots.

Your calves suck


work your legs.

75% of your weight seems to be from upper body

Great upper body.

4.5 = 5

I’d give you about a 3.5. Upper body is looking good, not huge, but a very solid start. Doesn’t look like there is much deadlifting though, and legs look downright small. Getting them up to size would be my priority.

But congrats on getting a good beach body so far. You’re better looking than the vast majority of people out there.

Nice job. The hard work shows.

you have a good athletic look. but it all depends on your goals. maybe you want a slimmer/leaner beach body. but if you’re looking to acquire more of a bodybuilder type look, you’re definitely going to have to prioritize your lower body big time. i wouldn’t try adding any size to your upper body until you get your lower half more in proportion.

Even people going for the beach body look should put some times into their legs. Chicks dont like skinny legs

Good definition, decent upperbody shape, decent mass for your weight.

But god damn man your legs look silly, squats asap.

Girls like symmetry, trust me on this.

They like legs, they like calves, they like knowing their guy could run 5 miles with them on his back if he had to.

Im not saying you need to build tree trunks, I doubt you even want to, but you need to atleast bring your legs up to a reasonable level.

A solid 5, needs work, but its solid.

I’d give upper a 7 and lower a 2.5 loll

Looking solid and next time don’t post with such a “I’m not confident in myself” subject. You’re doing good but yeah, your legs need work. I’m giving you a 4. Good job though.

It will only take you a year to bring your lower body up with the rest. Start squatting deep and deadlifting and you will be alright. I think most people neglect their legs (and back sometimes) until they look disproportionate.

Anyways, good work on the chest. You get a 5 from me (which is good for a RMP rating). Keep up the hard work!


[quote]Solid1974 wrote:
HAWT ABs…WOW[/quote]

WTF. This clown is still here?