Please Give Me Clues for Low T

To TNATIONS users- Urgent- please help me with my case.
I am 28 years old guy living in Canada, took couple steroid cycles in my life and unfortunately it caused my much lower natural testosterone production, I tried to restore it but no results, anyway I was borned with not so high T (I didnt check, just think like that because before steroid use in 20-25 age I didnt feel need to have sex more than once daily- now almost zero libido and other low T symptoms of course).

My recent and first in my life bloodwork made on FEBR 2014 shows:
:T level at low end of range- 10.1 nmol/L (canadian range 10.3- 29,5)
:LH- 12.3 U/L so little above range(range <12)
:FSH- 7.3 U/L so little above range(range <7)
:E2- 42 pmol/L (11,44 in american scale, it suppose to be shared by 3.67)

According to bloodwork I have issue with balls, but they are fine because when I took ginseng+tribulus+maca I got back to good level of T, almost my level before started juice use (but it was just temporary about 40 days so this is no solution), another proof- when I took 500 iu of HCG after couple hours got very high T and libido of course (I have used HCG e3d from that time until now-about 1,5 months, and here there is hard quest- is it possible that LH cant works for balls of any reason? I personally thought there was something wrong with this results of bloodwork.

I live in Canada and endo didnt agree for HRT. I will try with other endo but if dont get it do it by myself, fortunately bloodwork in Canada is free.
I have red hundreds HRT’s users opinions and some other stuff and think that
the best protocol to keep stable T and thus E2 is to take the same day, the same time T+HCG+Arimidex,for example e3d 50mg T, 500iu HCG, 0.25mg arimidex. Optimal E2 range is ussually 20-30 and sweet spot probably at 22 but thinking logically if my E2 was 11,44 when T was 10.1 means that if I set up my T at 30,3 the best E2 suppose to be 34,2- aint like that?

I have HCG and T but couldnt get ADEX I bought other anastrozole, and generic anastrozoles dont work the same well like Arimidex
Thank U in advance for help!, waiting for any clues!