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Please Fix My Daily Diet

I’m trying to pack on some serious mass and muscle i’m 17 weigh 135 pounds and 5’9… heres what I’m eating daily, I am skinny but I am able to gain fat on my stomach so i try to eat as clean as possible as cardio burns up too much fat and muscle… what do you think, any advice, tips, things i should stop.

4 scrambled eggs
half cup of almonds
1 slice of cheese
1 apple
large glass of milk

large garden salad
(thinking of adding brown rice or pasta)???

Pre Workout:
Chicken Breast
1 cup of brown rice

Post Workout:
1 cup of oatmeal
whey protein

can of tuna
half cup of almonds
fruits and vegetables

125ml of egg whites = 4 egg whites
3 cups of skim milk

You should be eating protein at every meal. Look up Berardi’s articles. Eat more in the morning i.e. 1 cup of egg whites 3-4 omega3 eggs. Same at bedtime. I think you should add some brown rice or some other complex carbs to your dinner.

at your size i wouldnt worry about fat gain…your lunch and dinner need more protein…and cut the skim milk, try get a hold of raw milk or organic full cream milk

  1. Add your daily calories up.
  2. You’re skinny fat, add some muscle before worrying about the tiny bit of belly fat you have.
  3. Work out how much protein you’re getting.
  4. Not much fat in your diet.
  5. How is your training structured?
  6. Have starchy carbs with your PWO meal.
  7. You mention a salad that appears to have no protein.
  8. Look into peri workout nutrition.

you can have more then 1 slice of cheese.
make the milk whole or raw milk. 2C of that = 300cal :slight_smile:

a large salad isn’t really gonna help you gain weight.
have some chicken and pasta or something along those lines…

a can of tuna is good, but probably not enough calories. the typical can of tuna is about 90 cal i believe.

125ml of egg whites = 4 egg whites
3 cups of skim milk[/quote]
cut the skim, no need for that.

but read what the other posters said, add your calories and figure out what your eating. you’ll be surprised.