Please Explain Ketosis In Detail

Could someone please explain ketosis in detail? The word is used a lot in the msg brds, but I still don’t understand exactly what it means. Thank you. J.S.

When you go off carbs completly, or almost completly, the pancreas, which normally produces insulin, starts making glucagon. In dieters (like us), glucagon is used to convert fatty acids into ketones. The advantage of ketones over fats is tthe brain can use them for energy. Your brain has fats in it but won’t use them for energy unless you’re body’s producing these ketones. Ketones are also inefficient, a pound of fat gives 3500 calories, but a pound of fat turned into ketones yields less than 3500 calories. Ketones a good because they can’t be turned back into fat, and any extra are excreted. Ketosis is the name given to this metabolic state, where the body has more ketones than glucose in the blood.

Finally, someone willing to explain Ketosis. I’ve been pretty interested in throwing myself into Ketosis, but I never know when I’m in it. Even worse, I’m not really sure how to maintain in for a long period of time 3-6 weeks. How much carbs am I allowed to have??? I heard sugar can bring you out of Ketosis, true or false? What about fruits and veggies? I hear they have carbs but most of the carbs are fiber and your body won’t absorb them.

Consume about 30 grams or less of carbs per day and 70% + fat and you’ll be entering ketosis in about 1.5 days most likely. You’ll know it when you start to feel really weird and lightheaded

ANY sugar is bad if you want to be in ketosis. Lots of the foods that have fibre in them (like fruits) also have sugar so you’de have to get a sugar-free fibre supplement. You have to be careful with artificial sweeteners too. Aspartame isn’t classed as a sugar, but it works like one. Sorbitol I think is the only ‘safe’ sugar substitute.

how long before the light headedness and weirdness goes away after u enter ketosis?

Aspartame has never caused me any problems when attempting to get in and/or stay in ketosis. Just worry about the carbs, I think, everything else is secondary.

Normal blood glucose levels are 80ng/dl. You start to feel like shit at about 60ng/dl, & ketosis starts at ~50, so I don’t think it would be really long before you start to feel better. If you time it right, you can have it happen while you’re sleeping.

I got some Ketostix at Wal-mart. How high am I suppose to be on the low - high scale. Is the higher the better or does it even matter as long as I see any sort of Ketones in my urine.

I think that it only matters if there’re ketones in your urine. I don’t think that going furthur into ketosis helps any, but people do fat fast for weeks & lose a ton, so I might be wrong.

Glucagon doesnt convert fatty acids into ketones. Glucagon causes hte release of glucose from the liver, and lowering hte useage of glucose throughout the body to ‘save’ it. It also acts on hte ‘hormone sensitive lipase’ on adipose tissue to cause the release of fats from the adipocyte. The excess of fatty acids turned into acetyl-CoA overloads the system, which the liver(in extreme cases parts of hte kidney) turn the excess Acetyl-CoA into Ketones.
Ketostix are rubbish because they depend of having a concentrated urine which doesnt work if you drink lots of water.
And ketones provide a negative feedback to glucagon, so they only reach a certain level in the body. THe kidney also has hte ability to reabsorb the ketones from the urine, to limit their excretion.

Ill pop in my two cents – the primary regulators of ketone body formation, and subsequent ketosis are the hormones insulin and glucagon. the shift that occurs in these two hormones in response to fuel availability (decrease in insulin and increase in glucagon)is one of the major regulating steps of ketosis. most of the research on ketosis has led to a model involving two sites - the fat cell and the liver. (potential 3rd site as well). so to explain it - ketones are produced in the liver and for this to happen requires a depletion of liver glycogen (responsible for supplying blood glucose, so when you remove carbs, blood sugar drops and the liver has to break down glycogen to glucse to replace it.) the fall in liver glycogen promotes a subsequent fall in the enzyme malonyl-CoA allowing the enzyme carnitine palmityl-transferase I to become active. this enzyme is responsible for carrying FFAs into the mitochondria to be burned. at the same time this enzyme is becoming active, a drop in blood glucose causes a decrease in the insulin/glucagon ratio allowing more FFA to be released from fat cells to provide the liver with the raw materials needed to make ketones.
so basically decreased insulin allows fat to be brought to the liver and increased glucagon promotes the breakdown of liver glycogen to supply blood sugar. both happen with the removal of carbs (and high protein) from the diet resulting in ketosis. hope this helps.

It’s been a while since I’ve read Body Opus, but I think I remember Duchaine saying that once you are in Ketosis you want to just barely stay in… If you are pissing out a lot of Ketones, that means you are taking in too many calories that are then getting turned into ketones and pissed out. You want to get into ketosis, turn your bodyfat into ketones and burn them off. Hope that makes sense.

Natey, how can u time ketosis to start occuring while you sleep, i am considering trying T-dawg soon and it will be my first 0 carb diet and when i do it i plan on gettin 8-10 hours of sleep to help