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Please Evaluate This Workout

I have read many post here over the years and I really enjoy many of those by Chad Waterbury. I have jotted down a draft program and would like the members here and maybe chad himself to evaluate it.

I have read his principles and used many of his workouts they work great I’m not the biggest guy 6ft 145lbs but I haven’t trained for 10 years. now I have been back into it for a little over a year and with the help of the T-Nation posters have Did what I consider well

My bench press has gone from 145-220Lbs My Bent over row From 70-150lbs whatever to the workout

First I wrote down the things I have learned in the gym and from the forums then I tried to get that criteria to fit my workout so here goes

High Frequency Workout


In this workout you will be hitting the major body parts every workout or every 48 hours each workout session will vary what set and rep range you use for each body part,
the idea is to Train each muscle group 2-3 times a week but using a slightly different movement along with a different set rep scheme all while never hitting failure on any given set and increasing your weight load every 2 weeks.

Why it works

How We Do Not Over Train
High Frequency equals muscle growth and strength as long as you do not over train. We try to keep from over training by a few methods

  1. Changing the rep and set scheme so that at every session we our working the range of fast twitch and slow twitch fibers.

  2. Only working one to a few muscles heavy on any one given day example if we are bench pressing 10 sets of 3 at 90% of our 1RM the Rowing Movement will be trained on the other spectrum of reps and when the next workout comes they will switch places the chest exercise will be of higher reps and less sets while the back movement will be of higher sets and less reps with more weight.

  3. Changing the movement so that it is not exactly the same as the previous workout

4.Working out every 48 hours: And 2 full day rest per week
The science from the HST style workout states that a muscle can be worked every 48 hours as long as the central nervous system is not over trained .

  1. Don’t Train to Failure as to insure we don?t exhaust the CNS

How We Build More Strength With Muscle Size:

1.We use the rep scheme of 14x1 @90% of 1RM 10x3 @80% and to some extent the 4x6
These set/rep ranges and percentages have been proven to Strength the nerves, muscles and bones of lifters using it.

2.A Fast eccentric lift and a controlled negative

3.These heaver movements will in time increase your one rep max there for also increasing the weights you can use in the second section for muscle growth.

How We Build More Muscle With Strength:
1.Using a set rep scheme of 4x6 and 3x8 we hit a good rep range for size

2.Using mostly compound movements will stimulate more muscle growth in less time by allowing your body to use multiple muscles for each lift using more weight.
(Note compound exercises can increase testosterone and growth hormone release)

3.Using Super sets

4.Never allowing The body to adapt to a given exercise ,weight ,sets or reps

5.Progression Adding Weight Every 2 weeks

How And Why We Build Endurance:

The rep schemes of 3x12 and 3x18 is used for a few reasons:
1 First slow twitch muscles do grow

2.Helps avoid over training and helps
with active recovery

  1. Capillaries in muscle help supply blood to the muscle high rep training can help with building more of them making your muscle a healthier muscle that receives better nutrition.

4.Your new capillaries can help you lift heavy weights for more reps.

5.High reps may help with growth hormone release.

I created The workout in excel and inserted the spreadsheet in word I hope the transfer and format stay readable in the post
I cannot paste the spreadsheet so I will insert the picture

I Uploaded it here in HTML format in case the picture doesn’t work

Word Format

What I’m looking for is to correct any mistakes the workout may have not including grammer LOL.

Thanks in advance T-Nation

It has been a few days ago that I made my first post, I received no reply and was hoping maybe it was just overlooked. I’m bumping my own tread hoping maybe this time someone will respond.

The goal of the post is to get a good idea of any pitfalls my workout my have from some of the experts here at the T-Nation

I listed the criteria above that my workout meets from things I have read here.

It looks OK but to damn complicated simplify it. Your thinking to dam,n much pick a rep scheme if following this type of plan for the day and DO IT not sqaut @ 3 x 8 bench at 14 x 1 rows @ 5 x 7. BLAA thats and the %'s my god gave me a headache.

Pick one push one pull one leg an ab/core move and maybe an isolation or two an go do the damn things. try and stay in the same loading parameters and reps so as to attack the CNS the same way that day the next day will be well diffent. Hence you beng able to do it frequent.

Then just get the hell in there and do the damn thing sure avoide failure but dont be scared of it to the point of not bustin your ass. Failure well it happens at times

Hope that helps,