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Please Evaluate my Labs


I got my numbers today guys. As you may know, last month I had 12 pellets inserted for the first time. Prior to that I was on the gels. On Androgel my total T was 450 and E2 was 95.
So here are the new numbers:

Total T 905
Free T 108
E2 62

A1C 4.9
Glucose 95
Creatnine 1.0
Bilirubin 1.1
Albumin 4.9
ALT 36
AST 19
Hemoglobin 18.1

Total Cholestrol 235
HDL 33
LDL 170
Trig 111

I have been doing a Paleo type diet the last month with very low.no carbs. Im not too happy with the lipids. I may go back to my statin.
As far as testosterone, I am very happy with the pellets.
What do you guys think about my E2?
The doc says its fine with the T so high.
I have A-Dex, I'm not sure if I should take it.
They said because of the high hemoglobin they couldn't get a hematocrit reading. I have an appointment to give blood on Monday.


we need lab ranges and symptoms. Youve been here long enough by now to know this


I don't have the ranges, he gave me these over the phone. No symptoms, I feel good


Then your labs can't be evaluated