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Please Enable PMing


Ive had a few threads over the last few months where I wanted to PM people rather than post publicly in a forum. I saw the post earlier stating PMs aren't possible, however I think it would be a good addition to the forum as it will allow members to communicate things they may not otherwise want stated publicly (such as before pictures).

On another unrelated note, I looked at my profile and it said I am a new user despite having a few hundred posts and being a member since 2013 or 2012.


Anyone? Id be surprised if I was the only user who liked this idea.


they have been against PMs here for years, don't hold your breath


Why? Ive never heard of that on a forum since the late 90s


I have never heard official word as to why, but my guess is that it had something to do with some users getting themselves into trouble back in the days when they had a forum called "Sex and the male animal" ... From my understanding several users were doing things they ended up regretting and were asking that PM's be deleted, accounts be cancelled, threads be removed, etc...

It sounded like it created a huge headache for the IT team and the powers that be behind the scenes, and shortly after that PM's stopped working, and now they are gone completely. Another case of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch, at least thats my take on it.


Honestly it sounds like that forum was a bad idea. Anything with a title like that is going to attract wierd people.

Too bad, it would probably make something easier on the forum. Those arguments that start in the politics section could be taken offline to PMs (just an idea)


I thought the only forum that got PMS anymore was powerful women.

I know the over 35 forum hasn't gotten PMS in a long time.

...I'm really sorry, but that joke has been in my head for a long time.


So bad...I love it.


Ha, ha, ha, you so funny!


Hey now, 30 year olds are a like a fine wine. I love them and they love me


More or less this, from what I understand. Between SAMA and spammers/shenanigans in the Steroids (now Pharma) forum, the PM system was a source of trouble both literally and figuratively.

PMs were gone before the rollover to this new forum layout, so that's the way things have been for the last few years if I remember right.

Trolling and blatantly/proudly admitting to trolling tends to get people knocked off the "member in good standing" list. But that's not an issue to get into on the forum here. E-mail me at Mods@Biotest.net if you want to discuss it further but, real quick, there's nothing to discuss at this point.


You say troll, I say comedian :wink: