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Please Educate Me About Test, GHRPs and GHRHs


I’m a new member so I’ll give a little info about myself first. I played collegiate football about 10 years ago. During that time I was about 230 pounds and in great shape…

Fasforward to 3 months ago and I was newly diagnososed diabetic, 360 pounds and had high blood pressure…

Today I am 305 pounds, my doctor says if I can get my A1C down below 6 he will take me of diabetic meds and if I get my weight below 260 I’m coming off blood pressure meds…

  • My questions - I’ve done tons of research on GHRP’s and GHRH’s but I’m still somewhat overwhelmed. Can someone point me in the right direction and answer a few questions?

What are the safest/lowest side effect GHRP’S & GHRH’S? (I can’t increase glucose or blood pressure)

Can any product that is able to be mixed into a shake and drank have the effect of Test, GHRP’S or GHRH’s? (or can any of them be drank)

I want to do HARD H.I.I.T. training on my entire body every single morning. Are there any products that can replenish my muscles fast enough that I can literally break the same muscle groups down near absolute failure again and again day in and day out?
(rest to grow takes too much time)

I’m sorry to join and ask questions right away but I really need the help. I saw my doctor yesterday and have a follow up in 6 weeks and I want to amaze him. I plan to be active in this community for some time and can add meaningful contributions when it comes to working out for performance. I’m just supplement ignorant.


Come on guys. I need some help here.


I am new here too but know a lot about peptides and growth hormone. You want Mod grf (cjc without DAC) and ipamoralin for your ghrp. Ghrp2 amd 6 will give u a bigger gh pulse but they also increase cortisol and make you hungry. Not what u want trying to lose weight and increase insulin sensativity. There are no good oral preperations currently available that dont create gh bleed. They are too long acting. Peptides are what u want. Or hgh. For peptides you want to work up to saturation doses. A saturation dose is 1mcg per kg (2.2lb). For you thats around 150mcg. Start with 50mcg or each for a few days then 100mcg then 150mcg. Start with a before bed dose. This will increase recovery and will also strengthen the rest of your natural pulses the fallowing day. Next you want to add a second dose 90-120min before your fasted cardio. 120min is when lipolysis peaks for ipamoralin. You only need a half saturation dose (75mcg) for lipolysis threshold but a full saturation dose will increase overal gh and improve recovery and muscle growth as well. Up to you. Then work in one more dose depending on when u workout and when you do your fasted cardio. Postworkout is another good time to take a dose. Keep your doses more than 3 hrs apart. 3 doses a day is great. If you can aford a 4th dose that may help of you are actuve for fat loss. But dont go over 5 doses in a day. You will cause liver to make igf1 and that will add to health issues u are having. Not what u want in this case. Just aim for 3 saturation doses a day and that will help your journey to fat loss, preserve muscle mass and increase recovery time.

But idk if its enough to not lose muscle when hitting the gym ed. I would consider some AAS and maybe some insulin preworkout.


Kluso thank you for an extremely informative post. I’ve read the sermorelin and ipamorelin are the ones that are basically side effect free. With your recommendation should I keep an eye out for any specific side effects?

Also I’m taking colostrum LD. It slightly bumps up IGF1. You noted that I don’t want that to happen. Can you teach me why? I’ll discontinue immediately if it turns out its been working against me. But since taking it I have noticed greatly improved gut health.


Also what did you mean by "hitting the gym ed"And what AAS would you recommend. I’m leary of it in general (at this point in my health journey) but willing to listen and learn with an open mind.


Colustrum wont be enough to cause any issues. You dont want to elevate igf1 levels higher than normal range because it will increase water wieght and increase bloodpressure. Not things u want. ED means every day. You said i wanted to break muscle down day in and day out without losing muscle mass. Thats what i was refering to. If you have never used AAS then idk if its something i wamt to get you started on. How old are you? 30s? First cycle should always be test only so you can figure out how to control estrogen sides. Once you have that down you can consider adding other compounds on next cycle.


Yes, I’m in my mid 30’s. I can hold of on the test for now if advised but I’m curious… Are there peptides that do the same for test as they do for gh?

Also I suffer a chronic pinched nerve in my shoulder. I think it could possibly be thoracic outlet. Knowing my other ailments would you advise a run of bpc157 or tb500? Id like to actually heal some other things as well but when I hear that it causes blood vessel growth it makes me concerned about blood pressure. At some point a shit load of new vessels would be bad correct?

P.S. I haven’t missed a workout in a long time. Yet here I sit on shoulder day with a pinched nerve…Decisions decisions.


I lile bpc157. I have seen some amazing injuries healed from this peptide. Especially shoulder injuries.

The only thing that can help with increasing test naturaly, well sort of, is clomid. It wont shut you down like exo test and you can elevate test levels to high end of natural range. I would do some research on that and DAA is another good test booster.


You lost 55lbs in the last 3 months? How did you pull that off? Another 45 should be no problem. If I had your health issues I’d be afraid of the comprehensive side’s of any aas… especially ones that havent been studied for long.