Please don't tell me this is it.. :(

In june last year I unfortunately fractured my right elbow. The surgeons operated screws and cerclage into my elbow to make the bones(elbow) connect and stay connected so that it could grow together again. I have since the operation been troubled with my arm whenever the right tricep is activated. Thus, it’s been very little weightlifting for the last 7-8 months…

Like I said, the time went by and it didn’t get any better, so the the surgons finally decided to remove the screws and ceclage. They probably caused an irritation in my elbow, they said.

This operation was done yesterday, and the first thing I heared the surgon said when I woke up was “I hope you don’t have any plans becomming a world champion”.

The fracture has grown good, BUT, the elbow has some crushed parts which havn’t grown any good. The bonetissue or whatever it’s called is supposed to grow in straight lines, but in my case some of it have grown in cross etc… This is what causes the problem.
Quote from report: “It looks like it is some irregularity in the jointarea equivalent olecranonfracture”

The surgeon keeps talking about how good RUNNING is. This actually made me mad/sad, because running and weightlifting is like night and day. Then he told me that I might have to take it easy for a FEW YEARS!

I just wanted to kill myself when I heard that, because I’ve had plans to compete soon.

Another quote from the raport: “It’s possible the patient will notice pain from the elbow joint for a few years, because the fracture has been some “comminutt”, which means little parts have been towards/against the jointarea/surface. Thus, he should try to avoid training that cause pain in the years to come. He may do some running and swimming, though…”

And here comes the question, I have just one life to live, and I want to spend my youth to do what I love, bodybuilding/powerlifting!
Are there any steroids that have a healing effect on my skeleton? I think about doing AS as a medicine, not for any other reason, yet…

What can be used?

I have planed to bring this issue up for my doctor, but I havn’t seen him for years, so I don’t know where he “stands” when talking about steroids.
But I mean, if there are steroids/GH out there that can help me, I see no reason not to use a therapautic dosage(maybe other medicines…).

Now I’m sitting here eating painkillers, and have never been so depressed before. And it doesn’t make it any better that the people around me try to lighten up my day by saying “I’m big enough as I am”, my God…

You guys understand, I know that:)

Thanks for all response that can bring me back to the gym!

Running and swimming are gayer than… well, gay.
Consider some better docs and malpractice suits, and remember that people have overcome much worse shit.

Your doc was incompetent, hence your screwed elbow. I’d slap him with a malpractice law suit and look for another specialist, etc. who may be able to help you. Or consult a strength/conditioning coach who knows his stuff to help you out.