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Please Don't Leave Balbos!!!


I had to post this in a new thread in hopes that he'd see it from skimming through posts:

Balbos!!! Please don't leave us! In the last three days, my facial muscles have gotten the best workout of my life from reading your posts. As I read them I'm imagining the voice of an ESL Croatian being so enthused about powerful milk and calling out the chinning "MONSTERS" I just start laughing my ass off. Your wisdom is lightyears beyond what we can comprehend.

So please! Balbos! I'm begging you!! DON'T RETIRE FROM T-Nation!!! WE NEED YOU!!


hahahaha... What are you out of your gord?


I like Balbos too. He should stay.

Comedic value is hard to find these days.

Balbos, instead of posting new threads all day, how about posting in some of the already posted threads? Give people some of your advice/answers instead of starting a new topic on stuff everyone has discussed a hundred times already.


He said he wouldn't post. Maybe you can convince him to PM you?


nate dogg,you are the man!!
thanks for support.
since i already have 2 person wanting me back and a thread dedicated to resurrect me---i decided to return.
balbos is back---and with all guns blazing!


guys i have a plan to stay inside this--MY FAVOURITE THREAD--and discuss my ideas and knowledge here.

thanks to those that have supported me so far!!!!


i have a secret to share with you.
i have developed some programs for athletic training and bodybuilding that are practical and very effective.
i have a tendency to think outside the box.
for example,do you know any butcher that worked in his profession for at least a few years that is not big?
not fat,but big.a lot of muscles and some fat. do you know any skinny butcher?
its because of their diet.
they it quality meat that they put away for themselves.
they eat only best parts of best meats in high quantities.
stay strong!!


I'm with you. I am totally digging both the Balbos and the Tim Phoenix... plus Tim made me a high ranking officer in his army. Balbos, how come you don't have an army yet???


you are now being disrespectfull instead of funny.


if i make you an officer of balbos elite sharpshooters,would you transfer some of YOUR money to MY bank account?
he he he!!


Hey man. This is actually an interesting theory. Do you think you can post a program here that I can mull over, or at least pm one to me?


if you walk into the weight room,you have to know what are you going to do regarding training style.
a.lift heavy=mindset of an angry beast

b.lift fast=a.k.a. dynamic effort
50-60% 1rm =mindset of a focused boxer-lightning quick

c.lift for repetition=60-80% repetitive effort=mindset of a seal commando=never quits

you have to either lift max effort,dynamic effort or for repetition method--only use ONE method with aproprriate mindset to maximize results for the whole training session.


balbos training-
1.whole body in one training
2.whole session in one lifting style-heavy,fast or repetitive
3.use imagining you are mad bear or rhyno for maximum effort lifting and try to set a new pr
4.imagine you are bruce lee or a cat and lift with maximum speed and power.lift fast and lower weight fast.
5.for repetitive effort imagine you are climbing a stiff wall and if you stop you will fall and die
6.better imagination=better results
7.you have to select apropriate exercises for each lifting style


So similar to Westside, - ME, DE, and RE?


for maximum effort use-squat,bent-over row,military press,deadlift,bench,up-right row,lunges,weighted dips&chins,etc.

for dynamic effort-use snatch,clean&jerk,power clean,box squat,quarter squat,behind-the-neck-press,iron cross,kip with weighed belt,heavy med ball toss,..etc.

for repetitive effort-use one-arm push-ups,pistols,other weighted callistenics,most body building exercises(but NO MACHINES).

also,sometimes do dynamic effort with weights in range 20-35% 1rm


Balbos, you don't have to limit yourself to one thread either. Howabout you apply yourself to the site like you do your training.

Figure out what works and then apply that.

1) Don't start 80 threads a day every time you think of something.

2) Don't be afraid to reply to someone elses thread when you have something helpful to say.

3) Do use the search feature and follow along a bit before starting a thread... to see if it has already been discussed recently.

Just some ideas man, ignore at will.


Hey Balbos. Could you please post a picture of yourself so as we can see the results you are getting from your innovative training philosophy.
I would like to see how it has helped you grow as an athlete.
It will help me and the rest of the T-Nation members here get a better understanding on how goals can really be attained.
PS. don't forget to post your stats because sometimes it's hard to figure out a persons age and size from a photo.
Unless you are holding a shoe that is.
Thanks in advance.


Westside utilizes those methods. But they didn't come up with it. :wink:


Intriguing. Give us more. For example, what kind of beast should we imagine ourselves as? A badger is very different from a grizzly bear or a pit bull. If I am going to use the boxer's mindset, who should I imagine I am fighting? What weight class? As a seal, what type of mission am I a part of, target acquisition, hostage rescue, search and destroy?

I doubt I'm alone in thinking it would be helpful to know these answers in order to reap the highest rewards from my daily training battles.



I agree.

He sounds strangely like Mr. Pushups...I guess I'll only know if Balbos offers to come to Atlantic City and beat my ass like Mr. Pushups did.