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Please Don't Forget

T-Ladies and T-Men,

On a day that has numerous things going on…from Katrina relief funding to the Opening of the NFL season, I have a request. Please do not forget, as I know non of you do, the men and women who lost their lives four years ago. In a time where we have personal stresses, we need to realize that our close families and friendships are the most important to us. I believe that a man’s strongest hour is not in a time of battle, but in a time of love for those are them.

So today, while we take down our supps, do our cardio, toss our weights around…do not forget those who lost their lives on 9/11/01.

God Bless,
Scott Paltos

God bless the men and women who lost their lives that day.

And I hope we never forget what those bastards did.

Never forget


We owe our respect to those people who lost their lives then and to our servicemen and women who fight to protect our freedom every day.

I can’t even imagine the courage and strength it took for the people on UA Flight 93 to realize they were going to die, but to fight back against the terrorists anyway.

I would like everybody to share a moment with us regarding a lost member. Most of us from the NYC area lost more then enough four years ago. Those memories will never leave us, i think of lost ones everyday.

I hope everyone can give a story or tell of someone who they lost…keep those memories alive.

I will share a little later. A little troubled right now.

Stay Strong and with a smile,

God bless the families left behind and God bless our troops. A couple of links to help us all remember.


Amen. God Bless them…

It was a tragic day for the United States Of America and free nations everywhere.

God Bless the families who were directly affected and may this sort of tragedy never be repeated!

Yes, God bless the families. Bless the troops. And may he use them to smite the enemy in a big way on this special day.

We should all try and keep the memory of all the inocents that left us on that day in our hearts. Lets hope nothing like that ever happens again.


Brave men and women gave thier lives that day so that others may live.

They were brave beyond description.

May they rest in peace and may we never forget.

I can still remember that night (i was in australia) it was day time over here (USA) . A guy told me what happened I didn’t believe him until I got recalled. On the way to Afganistan everybody was unusually but understandbly quiet. Ended up being one of the first on land in Afghanistan.



God bless the people on flight 93 and everybody in the Pentagon and NYC that lost their lives on 9/11. Sometimes it takes a tragedy on a national level to wake up and make the diligence necessary to keep this from ever happening again.

One of the many that passed away that day, was a teammate of mine at G’Town. It’s funny, his recklessness and unabandoned behavior is what i will always remember. His quaint humor and absolute madness will always make me smile when i remember him. Every so often i run into his older brother. We have fallen out of touch, but always seem to recognize each other and what our thoughts are.

“Bacci” was a great teammate and a great man. My love and prayers will always go out there to those touched by this tragedy and all those in pain.

Sometimes in pain there is dignity,


After I was discharged from the Marines, Becoming a fireman was always the second place prize in my mind and “just a job”.

That was until 9/11

I was not only proud to be a fireman, I was all of a sudden very keenly aware of how blessed I was to do what I do. Those brave fireman were the benchmark of bravery, and I will spend the rest of my career attempting to live up to that standard

God bless the 343 brother fireman that died that day.


I saw that flag in your picture flying above the site. I saw it illuminated by spotlights at night. To this day that image is burned in my mind.

I heard Rudi in an interview say it was the image that sticks in his mind when he thinks about it.

I will always remember that flag and the roar of F-15’s flying over NYC day and night. I remember people cheered when we saw them. The pilots used to fly over the Hudson River and turn his aircraft so the people on the ground could see the missles he was carrying. It sent chills down your spine. I remember people cheering those planes, and the firetrucks as they passed.

Let’s Roll - I’ll never forget that statement either.


Let’s keep their spirits alive. Let’s not let the country forget their ultimate sacrifice…

I totally forgot.

i can remember where i was when the planes hit the towers. i think we all can.

i was in Katie TX. working on a drilling rig in the derrick when my tool pusher came out of the shack and told me to come down.

the whole crew went to the toolpushers bunk house to watch the tv. i couldnt believe what i was seeing. i was speechless. and in tears. not as much as sadness but as anger. that they could do something like that.

a month later i joined the millitary. the Air Force. (SECURITY FORCES).

ive been to iraq 4 times since then. once every year. Hell, i just got back about 3 months ago.

some times ive went have been volentary. others i was told.

ive been shot at shot back. had ied’s(impravised explosive devices) go off by my hummv on convoys. ive even bagged and tagged a few iraqies.

ive worked in detainee ops. like abu guarab and other prison areas.

and every time im over there and i feel like quiting. like just saying fuck it.

i think of all the people that died in 9/11. and all the familes that will never get to see there loved ones because of what these people did to them.

and i keep going. and i will never stop.

so i will always remember what happened that day. and all the people it affected.

god bless them. and to all of u who have lost some one or know someone who was affected by this. my heart goes out to you.

and i will do everything in my power to make sure this never happens again.

even if i have to spend half of my life over there to keep us safe. that is what i will do.

god bless u all.