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Please Delete Old Topics


I would really appreciate if you could delete all my existing topics. I made some bad topics which I really would lke to have deleted. Im so sorry for the inconvenience but I would greatly appreciate it!

Please say its possible!!!

Yeah no, that’s not gonna happen. We’re not deleting over a year and a half’s-worth of posts just because you’re embarrassed or because you feel dumb or whatever. People still spent time and energy answering those questions, whether you applied the advice or not. The threads are fine as-is. Best to move on.

You’re literally right in the middle of getting advice. Like, literally, I replied to your other thread about 4 seconds ago. Make up your mind.

And no, we don’t generally delete threads for no reason whatsoever. At the very least, it’s phenomenally disrespectful to people who’ve posted there.

Hahahaha this is gold.

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I can’t think of anything else that would raise more suspicion and embarrassment for ya than what you’re doing now.


Okay I see I fucked up, as you said I will move on and leave the threads, thank you for your patience.