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Please Delete My Posts


Hi i am desperate to delete every message and forum post and log and also delete my account. I have not been on in a few years but put my location on like a dick. please can u respond asap


It’s only 7am here in the states so i assume mods arent awake yet.
Why do you need everything deleted?

I assume they have seen all of your post, please quit making more threads.


I have realised my location is on the forum and have made some stupid comments i should not of made. local area lads have called me out and am very embarressed. this is not the kind of area you wanna mess with in real life trust me!


I’ll ask the tech guys. Because you haven’t posted in 6 years and the forum setup has changed, they need to look into it. In the mean time, yeah, stop starting new threads, that simply adds more work. And manually deleting the posts like you’re doing actually bumps the threads, so that’s not a good idea either.


Hello, may I please have all my posts deleted on this site as well? Or must I do it manually?
I would like to delete my account as well. How can we make this happen?

Thank you


Hello, I would like all my posts deleted. As well as my account, can you please help me?
Thank you


Unfortunately the new forum has issues with deleting older posts/threads that were imported from the change-over. Since your posts are anywhere from 7-13 years old, that’s a problem.

On the plus side, you’ve posted more in the last week and a half than you have in the last 7 years, so for all intents and purposes, your account was already basically closed.