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Please Critque my Diet/Workout


Ladies and Gentlemen-
Thanks for taking the time to read this. Here goes nothing:

Breakfast: 2 large bowls of shredded wheat and 4 egg whites.

Snack: Bagel and yogurt

Lunch: Usually pasta/homemade pizza or something similar

Snack: A big bowl of oatmeal

Before Workout : 4 scoops of Cyto Gainer

After Workout : 4 Scoops of Cyto Gainer

Dinner: See lunch
Before Bed: 2 Scoops Cyto Gainer

I've been lifting on and off since I was about 16 - I'm almost 24 now. I started this program about 2 months ago (in earnest, as I had other goals in mind for a while with BJJ) and have gone from about 160 to 185ish (*Im 5'6") and have significantly increased my lifts...
Will my success continue?

Also, I've had to adjust due to some shoulder pain and instead of doing the Waterbury Method to the T, I have substituted the core sets to 4x8 instead of 3x10 (my shoulders just can't safely put up that kind of strain) except for the leg excercises. Will this still give me gains in my chest?

Or should I try something else? I've been doing some of the shoulder strengthing excercises from here for about 4 weeks and I've seen so/so results...

I've got one more question: In about 5 weeks I plan of going into a cutting phase - would it be beneficial to change my rep scheme to see optimal results? I've read here about the different types of muscle (type IIa, ect) but do I need to hit all of them to see max size gains? THANKS TO EVERYONE IN ADVANCE FOR ANY AND ALL HELP - Im relatively new here but my experience with everything has been amazingly pleasurable. You guys rock!


In my opinion, there's no need to eat right before bedtime. I think you need to pick your carbs better (bagel and pizza ehhh?). How about a turkey sandwich w/lettuce on whole wheat bread? I would also clearify my own goals, if YOU want to train for more size and strength do it. Depending on your bodyfat, I really can't say wether or not you should cut.

*Another important thing is eat vegetables w/every meal and then some.

Tell me something, how do you like the cytogainer? I just got my hands on 2 free 5lb containers.


When I mentioned pizza and the bagel w/yogart I was just trying to trying to say stick to complex carbs. Yogart can be loaded with lots of sugar which is useful post-workout or pre maybe, but not ideal in other situations. And a lot of dough isn't too good either.

A little trick I use is to know the words "low fat" and divided up your calories into 5 or 6 meals and say I need X amount of carbs and X amount of protein in each meal.


5meals a day
200g carbs a day
200g prot a day

40g carbs and 40g protein each meal.

Simple and easy to remember.


I should've read your post completely =D. If you have shoulder problems get them fixed. When trying to maximize size and dealing with fibers:

  1. fast-twitch get the biggest
  2. fast-twitch can act like slow-twitch, and slow-twitch can act like fast
  3. find out which one you are dominant in, and focus on those fibers w/specific set and rep schemes
  4. I wouldn't look at it as changing reps while cutting, I'd look at it more like trying to burn more calories
    -you could responed best to 4x10 for gaining muscle but that could also be used for fat loss
  5. there's no reason why you can't do 10x3 or 5x3 while trying to cut

Look up some info on periodization, find out what it is and how to plan your training around it. That's the best information I can give you for understanding the "cutting phase" along with figuring out how much to eat (which I'm sure you can figure out).


I've seen some decent gains - not sure if it's the Cyto Gainer or not. It goes down smooth and it mixes pretty well. I'd recommend it:) As for my carbs...I was actually told that bagels and whole wheat pizza (low fat cheese) would be beneficial. I don't think my body fat is high - maybe around 12-15% (a small gut) - but I could lose a couple pounds of fat around my midsection. What vegetables should I eat?

Thanks for the info - good shit:) I appreciate anything you can give me.

BTW I eat a salad with my dinner, usually. Probably not enough, eh?

Oh, and I'm in the most peculiar of situations - I'm allergic to poultry!


as far as simple crappy carbs go id be less worried about the homemade pizza and bagel/yoghurt as I would that cytogainer crap. Just the name leads me to beleive its LOADED with crap sugars and such and you are taking in 10+ scoops a day.

BUT you say its working so cant be all that bad for you. I would thought suggest reading a LOT of the stuff here starting with the diet articles and then the training. Come back woth any more specific ?'s and slowly make changes try programs etc and see how they work for you.


I suggest getting no higher then 15% bodyfat for a bulk. You're probably doing good, as long as your gaining muscle and strength and staying "healthy".

As far as the veggies if you can't have them every meal, the best you can do is try. However, as far as the Cyto Gainer goes, watch your cholesterol levels, because it's high in that supplement.


Ditch the shredded wheat, eat some whole eggs (omlette, scrambled, add veggies and cheese) and a piece of whole-wheat bread (maybe add some natural peanut butter). Add a piece of fruit to the meal for health reasons.

Crap. Ditch the bagel. You need some protein and some fruit/veggies.

Crap. Where's the protein? Where are the veggies? Fruit?

Crap. Where is the protein? Where are the veggies? Fruit?

More crap.

Still crap.

See lunch.

Does crap taste good?

Your nutritional habits need a drastic makeover. I suggest you read everything John Berardi has written and begin following it immediately.


What exactly is wrong with cytogainer? Joe Defranco recommends it as a good post workout shake as well as other people.