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Please critique

Please critique my cycle:

Day 1: 228mg Parabolan (not TA, the original stuff)
Day 3 and every other day till day 15: 114mg Parabolan.

Days 1-18: 50 sprays Nandro, 20 sprays Andro, twice daily

Days 1-28: 50mgs clomid daily

Original Parabolan? I really doubt it. It may contain some type of trenbolone but manufactured by Negma, it isn’t, unless things have really
changed recently.

And when real Parabolan was available, it
was $20 or more per 76 mg. That would have
your cycle costing something $450 or more
just for the Parabolan!

There is also no point in the idea of injecting half as much on the last day. All that does is prolong the unfavorable period when you neither have enough to make gains nor have little enough to recover.

This does not count as a 2 week cycle, by the way: you’d be inhibited all through week 3 and maybe even week 4 as well, if this is trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate. Trenbolone is inhibitory even at doses too low to be anabolic, and this is a long acting ester.

No need to take clomid at the start of the cycle. Start after the first week. Why such a short cycle anyway?

Thanks for the feedback guys. Bill, yes it is genuine trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate. I wouldn’t have believed it myself three weeks ago, if that gives you a hint as to the source. Good to know it’s long acting, I was thinking it was the same as TA in terms of half-life. Anyway, the Parabolan in the cycle will be running me a total of $90. Not bad eh? I think you misinterpreted the cycle, and it was actually all mushed together so it looked different than I had intended. I’ll be injecting 228mgs on Day 1, 114mgs on Day 3, Day 5, Day 7, Day 9, Day 11, Day 13, and Day 15. I’ll be taking 6 weeks off after the last injection and then repeating, and will use the nandro/andro combo through day 18. Along with clomid from Day 1 through 25. What do you think?

You don’t have Parabolan. Send it to get tested and I don’t U have greater than 5 mg. don’t trust the lab reports your dealer gave U. If brock and bill say it hard to get than it is!

Man, a bunch of cynical dudes on this forum. Okay, okay, I’m using freakin GAC Parabolan. No, it’s not Trenbolone Acetate, he ran out of the raw material for it. So, he did a one time order of raw trenbolone cyclohexlmethylcarbonate powder. He’s only making a very limited number of these bottles and hasn’t finished em yet. But that’s what I’m using. Believe me now?

That explains it… it was just your phrase
“real Parabolan” that had everyone confused.
“Real” is interpreted as meaning, made by the legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturer of the product going by that name, which the GAC product is not. It is a black market
product which may be high quality, but isn’t
the genuine Parabolan – a product once made by Negma.

Thanks Bill. I hate to be persnikity about this, but I’d still like a thumbs up from you on the cycle in general. I’m going to consider it a three week cycle and take six weeks off afterwards, and I’ve decided to use the Nan/Androsol combo for the full three weeks. What do you think?

Ben is indeed correct in saying that what he has is “real” Parabolan, semantics aside. Anyhow, from what I understand from the half life of this tren ester, Ben, you might be better served to do your loading injection on day 1 and then your 114mg injections on days 4, 7, and 10. Anything beyond day 10 will be inhibitive due to tren’s nature so watch yourself.

I think you ought to get excellent results
using just that. If it’s a first cycle, 12-15
lb LBM is a reasonable expectation (with 400+
grams of protein per day, and about 1500 cal/day above your normal maintenance. (Obviously if you add fat noticeably, cut
back – or maybe that’s not so obvious since
plenty of guys do cycles and get very fat –
but you probably won’t need to cut back and
if so not by much.)