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Please Critique

Hi. Im Larsfat from denmark. I need help with my cycle. Im going to run testo enanthate and winstrol for 8weeks (10). Ill only use the winny for the first 6 weeks due to liver tox (17-aa). Im also going to use armidex during the cycle and of cause clomid post cycle. (The winstrol is oral and Im going to take the testo at 500mg E5D)

Weeks 1-6: 700mg testo, 350mg winny, 0,75mg armidex EOD
Weeks 7-8: 700mg testo, 0,75mg armidex EOD
Weeks 9-10: 0,75mg armidex EOD
Weeks 11-13: 50mg clomid ED (300mg frontload)

Will 0,75mg armidex EOD do the job while I`m on 700mg testo EW?

Shal i frontload the test?

Is the total amount og roids/Week too high? (This is my 8th cycle, my last cycle was 75mg trenbolone EOD and 600mg testo. I also used 0,25mg armidex EOD)

What do you think?

Please help me out

I wouldn’t frontload the test but I would switch the winny for some, d-bol, run it 30mg/day for the first three weeks and use the winny at the end of the cycle instead. This will give you a better jumpstart to the cycle and the winny will help to harden you up and maintain your gains as you come off. As far as the femara goes, everyone is different. You will have to adjust doses as signs of estrogen pop up. The less you can take the better your gains BUT the higher the risk of sides. It’s a delicate balance.


Yes, frontload the test.

Nobody can tell you how much arimidex you’ll need, just adjust according to your needs.

For your test frontload, you don’t have to double the initial injection, that’s just what most people do - I would do less. Then again, I never run more than 500mg/wk of test.

I think you should increase your test and run a 6 week cycle instead.

P22: That`s a lot of total mg/week. Im already at 1050mg/week! Why go higher? to make the recoverytime faster with only 6weeks?