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Please Critique


I am 6' / 200 lb / approx. 14% Bf. been lifting for about 10 years and diet is good. I did my first cycle about a year and a half ago (D-bol & Test) made good gains. I am just now recovering from a back injury and back to lifting normal.

Week 1-13 / 10mg Nolva (Ed)

1-10 / 400mg Equipoise (Weekly)
1-10 / 500mg Test Cyp (Weekly)

Week 13 40mg Nolva and 100 mg Clomid (Ed)

Week 14 30 mg Nolva and 50 mg Clomid (ed)

Week 15 20mg Nolva and 50 mg Clomid (Ed)

Tell me if this looks good, if that much Nolva is not neccessary. Thanks


You need to do more research.. Do not run a SERM during the cycle unless its an emergency.
Run the EQ longer
Inject the test more frequently


You don't need Nolvadex and Clomid together for PCT. I'd run the Clomid by itself 50mg ED. No need to double dose the first. It's just more side effects. I wouldn't wait 3 weeks either to start PCT either. A week is good.

For the Test/Eq you're better off dosing EOD or E3D for optimal blood levels... but it is not absolutely crucial... you'll just get more stable levels and estrogen will be easier to handle.

I'd run the test for a week or two longer than the Eq. You may want to front load to get things going a little faster. That may mitigate the need to run the Eq for a longer period of time.

Run an AI (Arimidex or Aromasin) instead of Nolvadex during the cycle.


Yeah, looks ok, just switch to Adex during the cycle, and run just Nolva for pct. Good luck.


Yeah okay postal. OP, run an AI instead of daily SERM admin. Secondly you need to inject both compounds at least E3D. As for the PCT, run the SERM taper and see how it goes as I am not a fan of it for real gear. Other than that it looks like a basic meat and potatos.


Thanks for the info.