please critique workout

Hi gang, sorry to post yet another “critique-my-workout” thread, but I just wanted to know if my proposed mass gaining plan has any glaring “problems” with it.

Based on the knowledge on this site, I’ve tried to create a program that takes bits and pieces from different backgrounds.

  1. I agree with Berardi that we are over using the "overtraining" excuse. At the mo, I only spend 45min. of 24 hours in training. I want to increase that.
  2. I agree with King that we should split up the Quads and Hams into different workouts
  3. I agree with Chad Waterbury's theory that we don't need to pummel our muscles into failure in order to cause growth. Each set will be done until I'm 1-2 reps from failure
  4. I agree with (??) that we need a bit more work on the "pop 'em out" muscles

And so I give you:

Day 1: (Chest)
  • floor presses
  • incline dumbell
  • incline barbell (slightly close hand grip. ie. hands slightly closer than shoulder width)
  • pullovers (ie. the version where your ROM is from parallel with your head to ONLY a 45 degree angle)

Day 2: (Quads)
  • back squats
  • front squats
  • walking lunges
  • ski squats

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: (Back)
  • wide-grip pullups (palms facing)
  • pulldowns behind the neck
  • wide-grip pullups (palms away)
  • barbell bent-over rows
  • cable rows

Day 5: (Shoulders & Arms)
  • standing dumbell shoulder presses
  • front raises / side laterals (ie. a rough superset.)
  • shrugs
  • reverse incline dumbell curls
  • reverse ez-bar curls
  • tricep kickbacks / one-arm behind the neck extensions / rope pushdowns (ie. another rough superset)

Day 6: rest

Day 7: Hams + Calves
  • good mornings
  • russian deadlifts
  • standing one-legged calf raise
  • calf-raises in the leg press machine

I do some hills on the treadmill a few mornings a week as well just to train the heart a bit.