please critique this

i actually have been unable to do my weekly weight in… scales battery died :frowning:

i wanted to hold myself more accountable for my diet (my cals dropped way low for awhile when i slacked off a bit on my food log…) I started using fitday and wanted to see what you all thought.

@ 11-13x by bodyweight in cals (at last weeks weight) is 2266-2678 - I have a very very very hard time reaching this. but im trying.

Totals for yesterday 2064(cal) 142(fat) 61(carb) 138(protien)

it was a non workout day btw. I only did deep diaphramic breathing for like 20min

from the looks of it, my fat i think is way to high, but what would be a reasonable range? and protien a bit low( at .8 per lb of body weight thats 164gm)

I guess this would be considered T-dawg range type of diet too… I never actually considered it that cause when i first started my carbs were a bit higher… But i’ve successfully got into a swing of trying to keep them low.

kick my ass a bit if need be