Please Critique This Workout

Hey all,

I currently stand at 5’ 11’’ at about 165 lbs after cutting down. This summer I plan to put on some good mass. After reading about mesomorphic/easy gainer training I have decided to put some of that to work in a custom workout (some eccentrics, and very focused methodical lowering). Let me know what you guys think, I’d appreciate your input:


Superset (little to no rest in between):
WU (sets/reps) Work (sets/reps)
BB Bench Press 1/10, 2/8 2: 6-8
BB Row Same Same

Incline Dumbell 1/10 2/10-12
T Bar Row Same Same

Standing Cable Flies No WU 1-2/ 12 @ 1.5 reps
Chinup Same Same

Deadlift 1/10, 2/8, 3/6(optional) 2-3/6
Leg Curls No WU 1-2/12

Shoulders/Quads with Arms on Sunday, Traps added on Thursday
Straight Sets
WU Work
BB Shoulder Press 1/10, 2/8 2/6-8
Arnold Press 1/10 2/10
Side Cable Raise NW 1-2/12 @ 1.5

Squat 1/10, 2/8, 3/6 2/6
BB Step Up 1/10 2/8-10
Exploding Squat 1-2/10-15

On Sundays
One arm bb preacher 1/10 2/6-8
Hammer NW 2/8-10

Overhead Close grip press 1/10 2/4-6
Overhead DB extension NW 2/8-10

On Thursdays
BB Shrug 1/10 5/8
Machine Shrug(Palms facing) NW 2/10

Abs added in on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at end of Workout