Please Critique This Routine

I have been working out hard for a few years now always lifting with the following parameters:

Reps: 8-15
Sets: 3-5
Load: 60-80% 1RM
Rest Intervals: 2-3 minutes

Each day I would work on one muscle group and I would try not to stay in the gym for more than about an hour to an hour and a half. Furthermore, I would always try to switch up the exercises so that my muscles could not adapt (and so that I wouldn’t get bored). I would do dumbells sometimes, machines other times, cables other times…

I gained about 15 pounds I guess and I’m really not making any more progress (except for strength maybe).

I talked to a guy at the gym who looks like I would like to look and he told me that I should not stay on the same routine for more than 3 weeks. So, I am planning on changing up the number of reps, sets and rest times in the following way:

Weeks 4-6:

Reps: 1-5
Load: 85-100%
Rest Intervals: 3-7 minutes

Weeks 7-9:

Reps: 1-5
Sets: 6-10
Load: 50-70% 1RM
Rest Interval: 45-90 seconds

Then go back to my original routine for 3 weeks and repeat the cycle:

Reps: 8-15
Sets: 3-5
Load: 60-80% 1RM
Rest Intervals: 2-3 minutes

What do you guys think? I’m also running intervals before working out sometimes to help reduce my bf%. Am I missing anything?

Why don’t you build it up each week? Now you go heavy 2 weeks, then ‘deload’ 2 weeks? I would build it up in a couple of weeks, and then deload, not so fast. Like:
Week 1: Feeling the weight, 3x5@80-85%, it should feel nice, this week is for getting used to the exersize
Week 2: Build up volume: 3x5 just like previous week + 3x3 @ 85+%
Week 3: 3/2/1 ; 3/2/1 @ 90%, 95%, 100%, or higher if it goes real easy
Week 4: Maxing out
Week 5: Deload with 3x5@70%

If you aint making progress then shifting routine setup or exercizes might help, just replace the compounds you used to do with the ones you barely do. Shift back to your original compounds after gainen on the compounds you rarely did.

I smell something funny.

But if you’re serious…EAT MORE FUCKING FOOD! If you eat enough food and progressively lift more weight, then you will grow…

I see no problem with rotating exercises though. I run a 3 way split with two sets of exercises that I alternate back and forth with. Allows to greater progression I feel.

I still think you’re a fucking troll though.

Thanks Adon1s and patrickk (I think)…I’m not sure what you smell that is funny though. Is it your mamma’s crotch?

Really not sure where your hostility is coming from (troll?) so now you have a better reason.