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Please Critique This Mass Cycle


Goal is mass!

Week 1-4: test p, 200mg/EW
Week 1-15: test c, 600mg/EW
Week 1-12: Nadromix (deca), 500mg/EW
Week 1-16: Bolden (eq), 600/EW
Week 1-21: Arimidex .25 mg "E3D"

Day 1-10: Anadrol, 50mg/ED
Day 11-29: Anadrol, 100mg/ED
Day 30-40: Anadrol, 50mg/ED

4 days after last pin of test c, I will run HCG @ 1000 IU ED for 10 days then start PCT (uping Arimidex to .25 mgs "ED" during these 10 days)


Week 17-21: Nolvadex 20/20/20/10/10
Week 17-21: Clomid 50/50/50/25/25


Age: 29
Height: 6'6
Weight: 223lb
bf: %16

Im thinking i might just drop the test p and drol and use dbol.

So what do you guys think? Thanks a mill for any input!


Unless there is some special reason for running deca and eq together, its probably overkill. How many cycles have you got under your belt and have you used drol before? I would personally run it like this instead

Week 1: Frontload 2g test cyp
Week 1: Frontload 1g deca
Week 2-16: 1g test cyp EW
Week 2-12: 500-800mg deca OR eq EW
Week 1-4: 50mg drol ED
Week 12-16: 50mg drol ED
Week 1-18: 250iu HCH 2x EW
Week 18: Start Nolva
Arimidex: Adjust as needed

Thats assuming you can tolerate drol. 50mg is plenty, and can be pretty harsh in terms of sides. 100mg isn’t going to give you that much more benefit. Its great stuff for mass though! With the deca or eq I would stop it 4 weeks before the last test injection so it has had six weeks to clear before you start PCT. If 16 weeks is too long, you can just cut off 4 weeks and stop the deca/eq at 8 weeks. Don’t run the HCG as you stated. If you do it correctly throughout the cycle, that should be plenty to allow you to recover easier when you come off. Higher doses of HCG are only worth trying after a failed PCT and when facing the prospect of severely prolonged test supression.


High doses of HCG can desensitize your Leydig cells, I think you’d be better off running it 250iu 2x or 3x a week throughout the cycle rather than all in 10 days

And I agree with BigSkwatta about Deca/EQ

And pretty much everything he said

That looks like a helluva cycle, good luck