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Please Critique This Diet I Made.

Hey all heres an outline of my nutrition plan etc that I put together today, please give me any feedback that you think might make it more effective.

First of all I’m 23 6’3 221 @ 20%bf
This is geared for fat loss while also trying to keep/build as much muscle as I can. (got plenty of noob gains coming my way :))

Found out my BMR and subtracted 500 from it for my fat loss total calories, was close to 2000 so I used that for simplicity. The ratio I used was 40/30/30.

6am: P+C 6 eggs, Oatmeal, half an apple (slices)

9am: P+C Half of a serving of Surge on way to the gym, other half while lifting.

10am: P+C Another serving of Surge.

1pm: P+F 1.5 chicken breasts, 4 Flameout capsules and 3 flax oil caps.

4pm: P+F 1.5 chicken breasts, broccoli with melted cheese, 3 flax oil caps

7pm: P+F 1.5 chicken breasts, broccoli with melted cheese, 3 flax oil caps

This worked out to be pretty much exactly the ratio I wanted working out to about 200Gp\150Gc\66Gf

Diet Comments: Theres not much Variety in it I know that. But I like simplicity and it wouldnt bothering me to eat the same things. I really wanted to try the double dose Surge, and this was the only way i could see to fit it in to my “fat loss & muscle gain” attempt. They arent 3 hours a part like normal meals should try to be but obviously they have to be right around the workout.

All the numbers work out really well, except for the broccoli but I believe those can be considered “FREE” right? Theyre really just something tasty to put the cheese onto to hit the fat numbers. I also figured on non training days I would do HIIT between my Surge meals, since HIIT is anaerobic in nature like lifting, and you need to recover from it in a similar manner.

Other maybe pertinent info, for supplements im taking Hot-Rox Extreme, Methoxy-7 and Alpha Male and creatine. I can handle the stimulants. I’m going to be getting a good amount of BCAA’s in here soon from reading how much Jen Heath thinks they make a diff, plus I think that will help a lot with keeping or gaining some muscle on a deficit. My lifting is looking like this atm.

Monday- Chest Back Abs
Tuesday- Shoulders Arms Legs Abs
Wednesday- off
Thursday- Same as monday
Friday- Same as tuesday
Sat and Sun- Off

Going to be lifting heavy, around a 5x5 routine. Hitting the good lifts like deadlifts, squats, chins, bench press.

Cardio wise ill probly do a moderate 2 mile walk every morning on training days, and on off days do some HIIT.

Sorry for the length but I wanted to be thorough. So hows it look? Thanks in advance!

Very nice job, osirismdw!!! Hard to believe you’re a noob! (grin)

Go ahead and plug the data into something like www.fitday.com or www.nutritiondata.com. You’ll have to register for a free account on the first one, but it will allow you to keep an online food log, too. See how many grams of P, F and C you’re taking in. You need 220g of protein and 88g of fat.

Opportunities I see are that you should be having a whole food P+C food with starchy carbs following the second dose of Surge, so have meals at 11:00, 2:00, 5:00 and 8:00. Shoot for a 2:1 ratio of starchy carbs in your PWO meal. Starchy carbs are defined as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, yams, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, amaranth.

You do need the variety. You need it for health, cognition, hormonal balance, performance in the gym, brain chemistry.

Additional opportunities are in the area of fat. You need to be consuming 3 types of fat: monounsaturated fat (like olive oil macadamia nuts and avocados), polyunsaturated fat (like in fish oil, cold water fish and flaxseed oil) and saturated fat (like in the lean cuts of meat, dairy and eggs you eat.

Have 2 tablespoons of olive oil daily and 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily. Each tablespoon is 14g of fat. That would be 56g of the 88g you’re allowed. You can still add your fish oil in if you want to. I’d recommend it, actually.

Other than that about the only thing I’d add in is 1 serving of beans. 1 cup would be fine at your body weight. It would also allow you to make chili! Also have 2 more servings of fruit at P+C meals. Don’t forget the variety part! (grin)

Thanks TT. I’ve been trying to do this for awhile and actually had a lot of trouble. Just kept reading and reading and finally kinda got the picture :slight_smile:

I do need to up my olive oil fats youre right.

Can you explain to me how a starchy carb meal after the PWO drink is beneficial? (my thought is the PWO has alot of carbs in it already? for restoring glycogen i assume?) I could just remove the oatmeal from my first meal and place it after the second drink to achieve that effect and not change any of my calculations right?

Why do you suggest a serving of beans? I dont recall seeing that suggestion much around the boards, just curious :slight_smile:

If you suggest I up my protein by 20 grams, and raise my fats by 20 grams as well, ill have to really lower my carbs, and then in that case 2 servings of Surge might just put me right over my ratios, for carbs wouldnt it?

Thanks for the help!