Please Critique theBirds Squat

Hi friends,

Please have a look at my squat and tell me what you think.
I know I have to get deeper, but this is the lowest I can go before my back starts to round.
Im squatting 275 lbs for 5, which is heavy for me.

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reupload, the video does not work

ok, lets try again…

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Ok, this is my 3rd attempt at uploading this video.

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can someone help me upload a video??

I videod myself on my android phone and then transfered it to my computer, but for whatever reason I cant attach it to a post.

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Upload it to youtube and then post a link.

Ok, so if this doesnt work… Im going to be one pissed off birdy.

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never mind. you posted the vid already.

was that a front or back squat?

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
was that a front or back squat?[/quote]

back squat

I can go deeper before rounding if I stick my butt out before going down.

If you give your sister back her capri pants and get a pair of normal shorts and/or sweat pants, you will instantly add 50lbs to your squat.

Otherwise I don’t see any major issues, but I’m far from an expert.

hmm looks fine. maybe try and get your elbows under the bar a bit more.

i would say, as its a back squat, youre robbing yourself of a lot of power because your knees go so far forward and your hips go straight down

you do got long legs lol.

can’t tell where the bar is - is it up fairly high?

i’ve just started doing low bar back squats after focusing on front squats. finding the lumbar curve thing to be harder with back squats :frowning:
i think that is right about breaking from the hips (rather than hips and knees simultaneously) and sitting your butt back as far as you can then down. i do find it harder to maintain my lumbar arch squatting like that, though. it is meant to help develop the hammies / glutes real good, though.

but are you aiming for a high bar oly style squat? if so then things look pretty good to me. are you able to very gradually lower the box?

Hi friends,
Thanks for the feedback.

Marrot; because of my long legs and shortish hamstrings, if i stick my butt out too far then my back rounds out and I cant get much depth.

countingbakedbeans; those arent capri pants. I like to pull my pants/shorts up high before I squat to avoid anything ripping.

actionboy; what will bringing my elbows lower achieve?

caveman; I suppose I could try stick my butt out more and lean more back, although even with my technique at the moment it feels like Im going to fall back

alexus; I hope you like long legs! Im not sure if Im doing high bar or a low bar squat. I assume its low bar squat, because if the bar was any lower it would fall off! Im aiming to increase my depth week by week. Im hoping to get another inch of depth. I try to stretch my hamstring PNF style 3-4 times a week, as I think my short hammies is what is holding me back.

And due to popular demand I have included a bonus video of me squatting 300 lbs for 3. Maybe the heavier weight will make my technique deficiencies more obvious.

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Why are you afraid of the butt-wink? Going deep will naturally stretch those muscles out so that you can eventually go deep without the rounding. Also, unless you break parallel you can’t get the rebound effect and drive the hips up as effectively. As others have said, break with the hips on the way down and sit back more before you let your knees travel.

Bumpity bump.

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[quote]ethanwest wrote:
Why are you afraid of the butt-wink?

probably because he doesn’t want to herniate a disk.

[quote]ethanwest wrote:
Going deep will naturally stretch those muscles out so that you can eventually go deep without the rounding. Also, unless you break parallel you can’t get the rebound effect and drive the hips up as effectively.[/quote]

Going deep will only stretch the muscles out if you are holding the tension properly in the muscles (ie not butt winking). You don’t get any rebound effect once you drop the tension in the muscles (e.g., by butt winking).

Looking pretty good to me, Bird. I think powerlifters would say for you to sit your ass back more, but there are different styles of squats…
Will be interested to see how you progress on gradually lowering the box. Still a little high, but I know you are working hard on it.

Um… can you get lower without butt winking with less weight or doesn’t that make a difference??