Please Critique My Workout

I am limited to the exercises that I can do because I can only get to a gym once a week. Here is my routine. I would appreciate any feedback.

Saturday (at school gym)

  1. Squats 5*5
  2. Chinups 4* failure
  3. Pullups 4* failure
    I cannot do many pullups or chinups, yet
  4. Dumbbell Bench 4*8-10

Monday (at home)

  1. Deadlifts 5-6* 1-3
    I prefer low reps because the more I do, the worse my form gets
  2. Pushpress 4*5-6
  3. dumbbell rows 3-4* 8-12
    Currently, the highest dumbbell I own is only 35 pounds
  4. Incline barbell bench 4*8-12
  5. Close grip bench 4*8-12

Thursday (at home)

  1. Barbell bench 5*4-5
  2. Squat 4*6-8
  3. Bentover rows 5*5
  4. Cleans 5*5

I do dips once and awhile
Currently, I don’t do any cardio, but I would like to do light cardio 3 times a week on non-lifting days.

My goal is to lose as much bodyfat as possible without losing the muscle I have, or by the grace of God, maybe even gain some lean muscle mass in the process.

I plan on starting a modified T-dwag 2.0 diet or as close to it as possible. I, however, plan on eating carbs only for breakfast and during my post workout shake. All other carbs will come in the form of green vegtables.

I would appreciate any advice or criticism. Thank you in advance