Please Critique My Workout

Alright guys, I’m new to this stuff, and I want to take my athletic game to a new level. I’ve done training in the past, but have never really made my own program. I am fairly fast already, (4.8 40) but of course I want to get faster. Leg strength is my first priority, as right now they are toothpicks. I’m also trying to and fix my small amount of kyphosis. Basically I want to incorporate all the movements and muscle groups.

So here’s my very shaky program.

Day 1 of week.
Squat 6 sets: 5-5-5, 3-3-3
Conventional DL 5-5-5, 3-3-3

Tib raises + Leg press calf raises. I do as few sets as possible until I get 100 reps in.

Day 2.
Barbell overhead shoulder presses 3 sets of 10
Row machine 3 sets of 10
Lat pull down
Seated dumbbell rows

Day 3.
Bench press 4 sets of 8
Various ab exercises

I donâ??t know about the rest of the week.

Iâ??d like to add these exercises.

Skull crushers
Cuban presses
Incline bench presses
Decline bench presses

Thanks in advance for your help.

Want leg strength? Squat 2 times per week. Tuesday and saturday for example. Fill out the rest of your program using 5/3/1, Arnolds Golden Six or Starting strength. Bust your balls in the gym. Eat alot and make sure you get enough sleep and recover well.

To add to the above:

Most importantly - BELIEVE in your program so that you will follow it. If that means using someone else’s program, or hiring someone to make one for you, then that’s what you should do. If you can buy 100% into your own program, then go for it.

Also, you have to have progression built into the program, and what to do if you can’t keep up with the progression. This is at least as important as which lifts you do (as long as your program is anything reasonable).

What exactly does progression mean?

progression is making the weight lifted heavier over the course of time. For example, adding 5lbs every workout.

It’s not neccesarily adding weight to the bar. You might grind out 1 or 2 more reps with the same weight and that is counted as making progress.

Making progress every workout is optimal. You will hit some plateaus though. Don’t get too caught into numbers. Just TRY to best your last workout. Everything will fall in to place.

Just do Starting strength as your first program and STICK TO IT.

Good luck, dude!

Creating your own program is something that takes a while to be really good at. You have to know your body and what exercises certain bodyparts take best, and if you need to focus on anything particular. If I were you, I’d play with a really flexible program like WS4SB or MAX-OT or a Yate’s split, and pay attention to how certain bodyparts respond to certain things and adjust as necessary, and don’t be afraid to try new things at some point… I wouldn’t just get bored one day and write a routine though.

EDIT: I also see that you asked what ‘progression’ is, so that tells me you haven’t made quite enough progress to wanna be putting together a weak homemade program, when there are a lot of proven routines that are easy to follow. I’m not trying to judge and call you small or weak but that’s just kind of what I got out of you asking what ‘progression’ was.

Charlie Francis is good for speed work. But I also like Joe Defranco and Kelly Baggets work check them out and see who you like, like someone said above if you don’t believe you won’t achieve.