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Please Critique My Workout


Hi guys

My list of weaknesses is so large that it is easier just to state my "strenghts". Basically my chest, biceps and quads are fine while everything else is a weakness. And yes I deserve the "mirror muscle guy" insults but I'm trying to correct that now

My main weakness is the back which was a contributory factor to my shoulder injury last year and even thought my shoulder is now fine I still need to work hard on my scapulae retraction, is a long term thing.

My grip is also a massive weakness and I seriously lack middle delt development and as you guys can probably see in my pic my forearms are so painfully small!

I have never been serious about training abs (cos is so boring) but now i need to introduce direct abs work

I train at home and I only have freeweights and 2 benches. For a couple of weeks i have been working with light weights and hig reps and now I'm planing to do the following workout for the next few weeks with heavy weights except for chest because of my shoulder and the rear raises because I can't feel my back working and biceps take over if im lifting too heavy (something i need to correct as my scapulae activation improves)

BB Deadlift 5 x 5
BB Row 5 x 8
DB inclined bench shrug 5 x 8
DB inclined bench rear delt raise 5 x 8

BB press 5 x 10
BB lying triceps extension 5 x 6
BB reverse curl 5 x 6
Abs wheel rollout (not too sure yet how many sets reps as is a brand new exercise to me)

BB Front Squat 5 x 5
BB Hack Squat 5 x 8
DB Leg Curl 5 x 6
DB Calves raises one leg 5 x 8

DB Extended Lateral raises 5 x 6 + +
DB Extended push presses 5 x 8 + +
DB Extended rear raises 5 x 8 + +
Plank 5 x max (brand new exercise to me)

BB Curl 5 x 5
BB Behind the back wrist curl 5 x 6
BB Static holds (still deciding on sets reps)
DB Towel grip curls (still deciding on sets reps)

Please feel free to destroy and rebuild my workout plan

Thnx guys


5 sets of bent over rows after 5 sets of deadlifts good luck
if your going hard on deads then you gonna struggle on the rows, 2 lower back movements one after the other not a good idea


Grip/Biceps doesn't really need its own day. I personally wouldn't even do the delts/ab day either.

I can't imagine DB LEg Curls being very effective...and your quads work still exceeds your hamstring work by far. Try some GHR/SLDL.

For forearms/grip, try doing some farmers walks/heavy lunges or just exercises that make you struggle to hold onto the weight while you are doing the set. I have really bad forearms and this has helped me. Maybe do hammer curls instead of BB curls.

Ab rollouts...I've seen 10-12 in most programs but I have never been able to do 10 full reps anyway. 2-3 sets is enough.


personally, i like doing some type of forearm work everytime i lift. here's CT's take on forearms though http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/thibs_quick_tricks . also for your shoulder you should look into adding some face pulls


[quote]hardgnr wrote:

I can't imagine DB LEg Curls being very effective...and your quads work still exceeds your hamstring work by far. Try some GHR/SLDL.

the DB leg curls | do them in an inclined bench and they r fine but u r right I still need more ham work than quads so i should probably do stiff leg dead lifts as u suggested but I dunno what "GHR" means, what variation is that?

Thnx for the advice guys , pls keep it coming


I can't recall the article or author offhand, but he recommends a progression into using the ab wheel. A progression that if ignored could lead to an abdominal strain or hernia and that will put you out for two weeks minimum or a lot longer if it's a hernia. I ignored the progression and that exactly what happened to me. Now I'm scared shitless of the ab wheel, which is a shame cause I love it, and it is a great tool... once your body is ready for it.

http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/anterior_core_training found the article.


wooo I have a hernia! I'm going to follow the article's progressions after I have the operation & recover from it. I don't have an ab dolley but access to some small swiss/med balls

also this has some good progressions:


Here's what I do.

Sunday: Legs
Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Biceps
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Back
Friday: Delts/Traps
Saturday: Triceps


I would add pullups (40-50 reps however many sets it takes) and lower the sets on the db rows. Your calf routine seems to be just an afterthought. Do 4 hard work sets of 6-10 reps standing calf raise, seated calf 4 sets of 15-20 and donkey calf(if you can get someone to sit on your back) 4 sets 10. Do not forget to go ALL he way down and really stretch them and all the way up.


Woukld this look better?

BB DL 5 x 5
DB Inclined bench supported row (for lats) 5 x 8
EZ Reverse curl 5 x 6
BB static holds 5 x max

BB Chest press 5 x 10
BB Lying triceps extension 5 x 8
Rollout 5 x max
Plank 5 x max
DB woodchop 5 x 8

DB Ham curl on bench 5 x 6
BB Front squat 4 x 6
BB SL DL 4 x 10
DB one leg calves raises 10 x 10

BB Row 5 x 5
DB Inclined bench supported shrug 5 x 8
EZ Reverse curl 5 x 15
DB towel grip curl 5 x 6 each arm

DB Extended Lateral raises 5 x 6 +
DB extended push press 5 x 6 +
DB extended rear rraise 5 x 10 +
Plates pinch 5 x max


Thnkx for the advice m8

I tried the rollout wheel today for the first time and was easy to do 5 sets of 15 reps which might mean I'm not doing them right since is my first time doing rollouts and I actually have never seriously work abs directly before.
I have watched the videos lots of times and my rollouts "look" fine (from my perspective) but they just feel too easy and people say they are supposed to be hard.
How do i know Im actually doing the rollouts properly?