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Please Critique My Workout


Day 1
(Mon) Dumbbell fly?s
Dumbbell bench press
Decline dumbbell press
Push ups
Straight arm dumbbell pull over

Day 2 Deadlift
(Wed) Bent over dumbbell row
Back extensions
Lat pull downs
T bar row
Middle back shrug
V-bar pull down

Day 3 Military Press
(Fri) front dumbbell raise
Dumbbell shoulder press
Side lateral with cable
Sitting Alternate Curls
Sitting Triceps extensions

Day 4 Squat
(Sat) Dumbbell step ups
Dumbbell lunges
Barbell lunges
Calf push

Hypertrophy (size) exercises
Set 1 20 reps
Set 2 15-20 reps
Set 3 12-15 reps
Set 4 10-12 reps
Set 5 8-10 reps
Set 6 6-8 reps


if you're going for hypertrophy scratch out all those rep variations and stick to 5-8 reps, preferably 5
the high reps with the push ups is acceptable, but if possible do weighted push ups


FIrst couple of exercises do wot u planned....work up in weight until you get a 6-8 rep max. when you get more move up in weight next time.

The rest of the exercises you should really focus on the muscle...don't really worry about weight...get that stretch and full contraction of the muscle.. don't worry about reps during the set...give it your all...when you look bac on the set if you did say around 15 reps....you may know next time to up the weight/or lower it (woteva!) to get into that zone next time.,