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Please Critique my Workout

Hey learning so much here, so I realize I need to start trying new lifts ex. power cleans, snatches, jerking haha etc, ok so I’m training for track to run the 200m and the shot put, so I need to train fewer days so I though whats better than total body 3x week, with olympic lifts included, although i need to work on the form badly…

So heres what i kinda came up with after reading the total-body workot article and the boost your testostrone article

Mon- A.Deadlift-6x5 rest 90 finish all sets

       B1.Chin-Ups 6 reps 45 move on
       B2.Dip 6 reps rest 45 move on
       B3. Split squats-bulgarian style 6 reps rest 45: repeat cycle 4 more times

Wed- Power Cleans 6x4 rest 60 sec finish all sets

       B1.Split Jerk 8 reps rest 45 sec move on
       B2.Bench Press 8 reps rest 45 sec move on
       B3.High Pulls 8 reps rest 45: repeat cycle 2 more times

Fri- DB or BB Power Snatches 8X4 60 rest

     B1.Rows 4 reps rest 60 move on
     B2. Squat 4 reps rest 60 move on: repeat more times

ok just need input bad, I need strength and explosiveness bad, and Im kind of new to this style of lifting I also don’t want to get injured or over trained so yea lemme hear it, thanks!

That could work. Try it out!

I will thanks for replying

I’d switch squats and deadlifts- you need more squat than deadlift when starting out, which means early in the workout.

I’d also substitute the military press or…something… for the split jerk. Split jerks in the x8 rep range isn’t going to do anything for your athleticism except hurt your shoulders (not that the exercise is bad, but the repeated pounding from re-racking the weight on your shoulders gives’em a beating).

Don’t worry about getting overtrained- sleep and eat enough, and you should be good.


If your sport is sprinting and mma, most of your workout doesn’t seem productive. I’d cut the volume in half, and focus on sprinting and sparring.

I think that the rest periods between the power moves (olympic lifts) should be longer. The shorter rest periods do not allow you to fire at full potential, wich is what you want to be doing when punching some chicks lights out.

I am currently training a MMA dude her in Florida and have him on a weekly undulation program. Basically meaning one weak is for endurance and the next week is for power. Three day split, total body, just like yours.

If you are training for sprinting mostly, then your program looks pretty good. Like Otep said, your shoulders wil be taking a beating. So stick with more lower body plyometrics such as box jumps and Barbell Jump Squats. Stay in the lower rep range as well. 10 for multiple response box jumps and 6 for jump squats (keep the weight light for jump squats ~65lbs)