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Please Critique My Squat


hey, i know the quality suck, but from what u can see plz tell me what u think, how is my squat???


Good Form from what I can see. Start ramping up the weight and you're good to go :).


And start to eat like a man.


nowt wrong there dude. wish i could squat that well!! keep it up...




and keep squatin


I can't see where your feet are very well. Get another vid where the camera is behind or in front of you so we could see your feet.



The good...

...the bad...

and the ugly...


It looks like you are taking 4 or more walkout steps and looking down for the right foot position.

Practice your walkout so that it is one step each foot... always the same. Quit looking down.



You cant tell whats going on from that video. The camera is too close. It looks fine from what we can see, but you nedd a full body shot from the side and the front.

Need to see your knees and feet.


i will take again a full body shoot nextworkout


It looked pretty good, but yes a full body shot without the camera moving would help.

Keep squating.


Your form appears fine from what I can see (better camera angle, please).

Step 1:
Eat a steak sandwich ever other day.
Step 2:
Keep squatting. Your form should look the same (full depth, straight back, hips don't come up without shoulders coming up as well, etc.) no matter what your load. When you are squatting 200# we should be able to compare to this video and the form should look just as clean.


It appears to be pretty good...just like everyone else is saying: you cant really tell a whole lot from this angle...good form now lets work on getting the weight up