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Please Critique my Squat


I know you cant see my feet (bad camera angles) but the weight is on the heels and the outside of the feet, and the knees are tracking the toes quite well. When I squat with anything above 60kg the knees fall in, and the weight shifts to the inside of my feet and the big toes.

It feels extremely tight around the hip flexors and tensor fascia lata. Its also quite tight on the muscles that run alongside the shins.

Anyway, good constructive criticism please :slightly_smiling:


lumbar arch. try setting it before you squat.




Your knees flare in a bit, even without weight. Also I would agree with the above, your back rounds significantly at the bottom. I would practice going to parallel first so you can get the proper motion before you try to drop below it


Get your knees way way out refer to Dan John's Goblet squat article will help with staying upright and squatting deep.


Cheers for all the advice guys


You need more posterior chain flexibility.

Also, keep your torso upright.