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Please Critique My Routine


[b]Day layout:[/b]

[b]Day 1: Chest / Tricep
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Legs / Shoulder
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Back / Bicep
Day 6: Rest



[b]Chest / Tricep (3 sets 10x8x6)[/b]
Bench Press
Decline Bench
Close grip Bench
Cable fly
Tricep Pushdown

[b]Legs / Shoulder (3 sets 10x8x6)[/b]
Military Press
Leg Press
Shoulder Press

[b]Back / Bicep (3 sets 10x8x6)[/b]
Barbell Curl
Hammer Curl
Cable Front Pulldown
Preacher Curl

How does this routine look? I spaced the workouts so muscles like triceps and biceps wouldn't be used on a constant daily basis. Also the rest in between workouts will enable me to workout with full strength.

What do you guys think?


Most people on this site will tell you if you're going to be working out as few as 3 days a week you should do an upper/lower split or a full body workout.

I would recommend using the standard daily split used in the Shut-up Split article

Day 1: Chest and Biceps
Day 2: Legs and Lower Back
Day 3: Off (cardio if desired)
Day 4: Back and Abs
Day 5: Shoulders and Triceps
Day 6 and 7: Off

Make sure for your exercise selection you put compound movements (multi-joint) before isolation movements (single-joint).

If you just want to work out 3 days a week, then get rid of the shoulder day, work biceps with back, and work triceps with chest.


Just use this article to choose your exercises and formulate your split. The split that's already given is pretty solid.


Kind of a strange set/rep protocol, but it's in the hypertrophy range, barely, so it'll probably work if you keep good notes.

3 Kinds of benching but no rows?

Your triceps are going to get annihilated.

Tons of curling, but no forearm or calf work.

Overall the routine seems to emphasize too much anterior as opposed to posterior work.

You didn't really specify your goals. Weight loss? Strength? Muscle mass?


On chest day the following exercises are very tricep intensive, and one could make the arguement as much tricep as they are chest moves.

Bench Press
Close Grip Bench
Decline Bench

Problem- The first four exercises work in very similar ways. Decline Bench is very similar to dips, and then you have close grip bench in there, on top of that your bedrock chest movement bench pressing is not even that great for chest development for most people.

Solution- Barbell Incline Press, Dips, Flat Dumbell Bench or hammer strength chest press (not incline), dumbell flye

Skullkrushers and maybe pressdowns if you have enough left in the tank.

Next Day

Problem- Legs you have no hamstring movement though you do have deadlifts on back day. I would ditch the deadlifts on back day, they are a great exercise just take them out while you have your back squats in here for now. Dont need 2 pressing movements for shoulders at first, if you can handle 2 do a military press and arnold presses. If not do lateral raises for second exercise.


Back Squat Military Press
Lunges Arnold Press or Lateral Raises
Leg Press
Romanian Deadlift
Leg Curl


Front Squat Military Press
Lunges Arnold Press or Lateral Raises
Leg Press
Leg Curl
Calf Exercise

Next Day

Back Day

Ditch the deadlifts like I have shown or change your workout like I show.

The other poster is right you need some horizontal pulling badly. I would first do either supinated or pronated pullups, then an inverted, seated, or 1arm row. Then do a type of pulldown then either finish with a second row or a straight arm pulldown.

For Biceps do reverse barbell Curls then Seated Incline Dumbell Curls see this weeks exercise on the homepage. Another good idea would be to swap all the bicep and tricep work straight up. The benefit is that you are fresh for your biceps and triceps, the drawback is that you now have done either biceps or triceps closer to when they will be needed again for chest or back respectively, the choice is yours.