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Please Critique My Routine


waht do you think about that routine? i took this template from: startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Push/Pull_and_Upper/Lower_Splits

A Upper Pull/Lower Push:

pull up 4x6-8
row 3x6-10
bb curl 3x6-10
front squat 4x8
hanging pike 2x10-15
bicycle crunch 2x10-15

B Upper Push/Lower Pull:

bench 4x6-8
standing military press 3x6-10
db incline bench 3x6-10
tricep dips 3x6-10
RDL 4x8
hanging pike 2x10-15
bicycle crunch 2x10-15

alternating A B A B A B ... (3-4 times a week)


No calf work, your abs don't represent 1/3 of the muscles in your body, but they're the focus of 1/3 of your exercises, and you are only doing a single leg exercise each time. I would not do this program or recommend it to anybody.


As the other poster said, there are much better programs out there. Why not try one from this website. Start with the beginner links above. They're great.


How do you do crunches on a bicycle?


I lol'd


it seems ok to me... except I would do a few changes:
- take the leg exercises out and put them into one workout... separately. You would have a push/pull routine with an weekly added leg session (workout) in which you do 3-4 exercises for proper thigh development. On this day you can work the calves too.
- you don't have to do two types of benching... one is enough. add a fly movement instead... So you do flat for 3-4 weeks then move to incline for 3-4 weeks.
- I would ditch the military press and substitute it with lateral raises... especially if you do incline bench press. Do shoulder pressing movements every other week (like twice a month)
- you have chosen the perfect exercises for back (pull-ups and rows)
- for abs I would do hanging leg raises and cable crunches... so it's one body-weight exercise and one with added weight. 4-6 sets every workout is enough...

that's pretty much it... hit the weights!


X2 - not sure if serious though...