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Please Critique My Pull-Ups...


So my coworker caught me doing pull ups one day. He said that I was kipping. I simply told him I was not and all the force was coming from the pulling in my arms. Im a foot taller than him at 6'4" which requires me to bend me knees back so my feet don't hit the floor. Doing this i think creates a mini pendulum effect but I am not kipping! I started with 18 pullups consecutively. The vid im showing has me doing 10. This was following the recon ron pull up workout.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPjfelBFfN0 this is me, notice that my legs are bent

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzQ0LtnWFQ0 < my friend, notice how his legs are not bent. but he is short so he would not hit the floor as i would

please critique


I noticed your hands were actually coming off of the bar for some of the reps. Seems like a little bit of kipping, honestly. I have a pullup bar in my basement, which has a pretty low ceiling, and I’ve noticed that with my feet behind me, I cannot prevent swinging. If I pull my knees towards my chest though, there is no swinging. You could even try crossing your legs almost indian style, too.

If this is about your buddy cutting you down because you did more, tell him to screw off cause only his first two reps got his chin to the bar.


i believe the top of your chest should meet the bar, not your chin


good article.


It does look a bit like you’re “kipping.”
Have you tried just keeping your legs bent back the whole time? Instead of straightening them out every time you go up.


i think you both need to slow them down a bit, and get your chest to the bar. maybe try doing some chinups first, nice and slow if you have to, or try using bands to help. i think both of you need to get higher.


Basically you should aspire to make your technique more like your friend. Although, he would benefit from raising his chest to the bar instead of his chin. Try band assisted pull ups for a while and see what happens.


I find that a brief pause at the bottom between each rep stops the pendulum effect.


Hey there, yeah I agree with most of what the others have already posted.

You’re not coming up high enough, and you should look to pause at the bottom between reps rather than the bouncing you’re doing at the moment. Look to change these things and see how much harder they get.

As already suggested, you may need to go back to narrow grip chins to get this technique down, but seriously, the results you’ll get from these little changes will be mean!!


well a pretty easy way to see if the pendulem helps you at all is just for the other guy to hold his arm out in front of your waist. When you come forward it’ll stop, if you can still do 18 pullups or however many you max out at, then the swinging doesn’t do much.


thanks guys… i’ll ask my friend to hold me to see what happens

the reason im going fast is because im taking an air force PAST test… i took the first already the and SGT. didn’t dq me for anything… but the bar was alot higher… 14 was my number then… i’ll try narrow grip and bringing knees higher to see(i’ve actually done this before, it engages the abs alot more)


200 pullups a day, every day, for 4 weeks.