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Please Critique My Program

Day 1 (CT’s 3-d upper back workout w/4x5 of barbell rows)

Day2 chest, bi’s,tri’s,calves, rotators
flat dumbell bench 4x6
close grip bench press 4x6 supersetted w/dumbell curls
external rotations 4x8
standing calf raises wide stance 6x4
standing calf raises narrow stance 6x4

Day 3 quads, hamstrings,light upper back
squats 4 x 8,7,6,5
reverse lunges 4x10
seated leg curls 4x6
one legged hyperextensions 4x8
side lying laterals (forget name, but its when you lay face down and raise dumbells parallel 90 degrees and parallel from floor) 3x10

Day 4 chest tri’s,calves, rotators, lats
incline dumbell press 4x12 supersetted with pull up (as many as i can do)
lying skull crushers 3x12
seated calf raises 10x3
standing calf raises toes straight 3x12 supersetted w/ heel raises
lying external rotations 3x12

Right now Im going for mass and strength. I’ve been off for a year due to an injury that no one could diagnos and have been lifting hard again for 4 weeks. My diet is in check, so is my supplimentation. Also I plan on changing up the set rep schemes and exercise every 2 weeks. Any advice is greatly appreciated.