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Please Critique My Program



I am looking to compete in the future, and it is rumored that my gym will have a strong man event sometime in November. I am planning on preparing myself and would like input on this program I just created.

My stats:
24yr old male

Current Maxes (lbs):
Squat: 370
Bench: 260
Deadlift: 525
Overhead Press: 160
Power Snatch: 185
Power Clean: 235

Here is the program I created:
1. Power Snatch - 5 x 3
2. Military - 5/3/1 (Chins between pressing sets)
3. Rear Delt Fly - 3x15
4. Dips - 3 x 5
5. Tri's - 3 x 12

1. Clean Pull - 5 x 4
2. Deadlift - 5/3/1
3. BB Rows - 4 x 5
4. Farmers - 3 x 50yds
5. Abs

1. Power Clean & Jerk - 5 x 3
2. Bench (Pause) - 5/3/1
3. Arnold Press - 3 x 10
4. Weighted Chins - 3 x 6
5. Bi's - 3 x 12

1. Snatch Pull - 5 x 4
2. Squat - 5/3/1
3. GHR - 3 x 8
4. Tire - 3 x (TBD)
5. Abs

Any kind of input would be greatly appreciated!



Do you have any idea at all to what events are going to be trained? If you do you NEED to devote atleast a day to training the events or atleast as close as you. If you are going to train events then you need to drop a day or two so you can recover from the events. The thing about Strongman is its all about technique. Master the technique on Yuri event days and get stronger in the gym and your events WILL be better.

I would substitute incline bench instead of flat as your shoulders are hit harder and its much closer to the movement of pressing a log or trying to get a tire up off your chest.

Drop the distance of the farmers by alot I have never seen a comp where you are ever going to go 50 yards. Lower it to 50-80 ft. Strongman is notmoving light weights far its moving stupid heavy weights a relatively short distance. Farthest I have ever seen personally is 100 ft.

Do all pressing with a fat bar or fat grips if at all possible.

Would switch from back squats to front squats. It has much more of a carry over to pressing and stones. Although if you are doing a yoke walk back squats are a good choice but I would front squat as much as possible.


Thanks for the input Reed!

I have no idea what the events will be, but I plan on asking soon so that I may schedule and event day in my program.

Also, I plan on substituting the incline bench instead of flat bench. We have an elitefts swiss bar at the gym, would you recommend using the swiss grip bar over the straight bar for the incline bench? Of course, I will be doing all upper body pressing and upper body pulling movements with my fat grips. I will, also, drop the distance for the farmer's and do front squats.




Sounds good man the Swiss bar is a great idea in general but you need to find out if you have a log or axle or what at the shoe. If you have a axle then stick to using the fat grips for both considering its closest to what you will be pressing in the show. If its a log I would go with with the Swiss bar. That's one of the biggest things you haves tl remember abouts Strongman about everything about the sport technique so you want your training to mimic the movements as much as possible espeacially if you don't have the events to practice with.

I have literally seen 400 benchers get raped by a 200 lbs log and 500 squatters get embarresed trying to walk with a 600lbs yoke because there training was not around the events. My best squat since I have been back to training is 365lbs at 198lbs body weight but I am able to move a 650 yoke 60ft in just 20 seconds. Its all technique.


One tip that really helped me out for my first competition was to do alot of grip work.

Bar hangs, Use the thick axle bar and practice deadlifts, Bar holds so put alot of weight on the bar and just pick it up from waist height and see how long you can hold it for.

Feel it gave me quite an advantage when it came to things like Farmers, and axle lifts.


o yeah and definetley what Reed said you need to have at-least one day dedicated to just events will help big time when it comes to the day