Please Critique My Program (Jim?)

Hello, I am currently running the program below and I was hoping that a few of you could chime in and let me know if I’m doing well or screwing up.

Press Day
5’s Progression
5x5 FSL
50-100 Push Ups
50-100 Dumbbell Rows
Band Face Pulls

Squat Day
5’s Progression
5x5 FSL
Dumbbell Press
Dumbbell Curls

Bench Press Day
5’s Progression
5x5 FSL
50-100 Push Ups
Barbell Rows
Band Pull Aparts

Deadlift Day
5’s Progression
5x5 FSL
50-100 Dips
50-100 Shrugs

I do three cycles of the 5’s progression followed by two cycles of classic 5/3/1. I ditch the FSL on the classic 5/3/1 weeks and shoot for rep PR’s on the final set.

I don’t really track my assistance weights. I just pick a weight that I can do 5x10 with. On days when I’m feeling stronger; I shoot for 100 reps. Sometimes I lower the weight after the first 50 reps to bang out more reps.

I ride the Airdyne 4 days per week.

I walk for a half-hour wearing a 60 pound weight vest 3 days per week.

I do the ab-circut that Jim wrote about in 5/3/1 2-3 times per week.

My current best lifts are: 500 lb. Deadlift, 475 lb. Squat, 260 lb. Bench Press, and 195 lb. Press.

I eat 250g-300g of protein per day, 2-3 pieces of fruit per day, at least 1.5 pounds of veggies per day, and 2-3 servings of rice/potatoes/pasta per day.

I feel like I have this nailed down; but I welcome your critiques.

I would be thrilled if Jim would chime in on this too.

Thanks everyone.


I’m not Jim, but I think this is great. I’d maybe do some ab work and back raises in place of some of the assistance?

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Every single person should run this for about 3 years and then they can ask questions. Yes, this is fine. It’s basic, and no frills.

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Only thing I see is barbell rows on bench day before deadlift day; if you don’t have any issues then leave as is; older lifters (like me) have issues doing anything lower back before deadlift day. I don’t have lower back issues, but barbell rows fatigue my lower back for a day or two. I’ve switched to chest supported barbell rows and do them on bench day which also happens to fall right before deadlift day for me, but I have a light conditioning day in between. Everything looks good to me though.


Thank you, I do the ab work on my non-training days. It lets me approach it with more energy and better form (if form is really a concern for ab work). Cheers!

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My pressing days are actually listed out of order above so the barbell rows actually occur a few days before the deadlift day. Thanks a lot for the feedback.

For me my lower back gets less fatigued when I do Yates rows(less bent over, under hand grip, rowing to where your abs meet your pubes(having a brain fart and can’t think of what to call that area)) it feels to me like it targets the lats and mid back more but less upper back than regular BB rows, but I can move hella more weight on it.

I remember reading in another post Jim stating not to do Yates rows. Tried searching for it but couldn’t find it. There is a thread that Jim mentioned to row “as it says in the book, it’s literally written in the book.” Yates rows are a bodybuilding movement, not a strength movement, although I may be mistaken.

Whoops, I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice this was a 531 thread. In that case, disregard my last statement, Jim knows best haha