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Please Critique My New Program

New 3x per week program

Squats 20 x 2
Row 3 x 12
Chins 3 x max
Press 3 x 12
Deads 3 x 10
Bench 3 x 12
Power cleans 2 x 5

Diet: a clean 3000cal per day 50% protein, 30% fat and 20% carb’s.

Goals: Looking to gain muscle mass and decrease body fat %.

My questions are how much rest between set’s and when should i do my HIIT for fat loss? want to do 2-3 a week

Please give me any suggestion’s and critiscims.

Didn’t you already post this in the beginner’s section?

My suggestion to you is to read the articles on T-Nation. Find a training and nutrition program that suits your goals and follow it as written.

Beginners should not make up their own routines. They need more structure and planning until they have a good base of size and strength and understand how their body responds to every facet of training, nutrition, supplementation and recovery.

Pick one goal at a time man. Everyone wants to lose body fat and gain muscle. Do some cardio