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Please critique my new cutting cycle

Hey guys. I posted my first attempt at creating an extended cutting cycle a few weeks back (as JK: Please critique my …). It entailed 6 weeks TD, followed by 6 wks. of FF, followed by a 3 wk./3 wk. repeat of the same cycle (w/ different training programs mixed in). Well, I’ve had great results after 6 wks. of TD 2.0 and Beginner’s Blastoff, so here’s my new plan:
Starting Sunday, I will do 4 weeks of Poliquin and NB3 with HOC 2-3x/wk., followed by 4 weeks TD/Poliquin (whichever I like better) and GBC with HIIT (using Methoxy). At this point, I will have been cutting for 18 weeks and will attempt a 4-week FF with 5x5 and some slow cardio (using 4-AD, MD6 and T2-Pro). I will follow that with 4 weeks of TD/Poliquin and Fat to Fire (using Methoxy and MD6/T2-Pro for first week or two). I am at 212 and 27-28%BF right now and hope to be between 175-180 and 14-17%BF when this is done. I plan to use a multivitamin, a fiber supplement as needed, and BCAA/Glutamine (works great for me) pre- and post-workout throughout. I feel awesome on keto and look forward to any comments or advice you have to offer. I would especially like to thank everyone who relied to my previous post - you really helped me out.

Dude - Wanted to thank you for your post to mine…I’m listening! I can’t offer anything to you now except support and wishes for success! Good luck! Greg (FGG)

bump … anybody? and Greg, thanks for the support.

Are you sure you want to cut for 18 weeks straight? That is generally a sure-fire way to lose lean mass regardless of protocol…particularly if you’re going to fit the Fat Fast in there somewhere.

I would much rather see you fit a higher calorie phase in somewhere, even if only for a couple of weeks at say 10 percent over maintenance. This wouldn’t be a bad idea after every 6 weeks. Otherwise, if you’re dead set on going straight through, I would highly recommend following Don Alessi’s calorie bouncing (zig-zag) protocol of two or three low-calorie days with one high-calorie day. Your metabolism will thank you in the long run.

I highly recommend the BCAA’s/glutamine combo if you’re low-carbing it. I’m using ICE, but others will work (Glutacene, MRM’s BCAA+G etc). You didn’t list your calories but don’t go lower than 10x bodyweight on the cut days unless you’ve got Mag10 and plan on refeeding.

Concerning German Body Comp…be careful adding the cardio in. If you’re new to this program, it will severely kick your ass if followed to the letter. The workouts will take you about 45 min. to 1 hr and it’s pretty much constant so you’re going to be burning some serious cals. If it was Meltdown I’d work up to the cardio as the weight workouts are less than 30 min, but I think you’ll find you don’t need it on GBC with the proper diet protocol.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the old Poliquin Diet or keto threads, but I’m on there quite a bit (either teddykgb72 or Monty Ritchie, my real name). I’ve got pretty good experience with the whole low-carb thing so let me know if I can assist you in any way. Sorry no one responded to you sooner.

I just went to your previous post and realized I was one of the people who originally responded (Monty Ritchie). I’ve got to get my memory checked.