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Please Critique My Modification of Bruno's



I've read a lot of Waterbury stuff but on paper, I really like Bruno's 3x/week full body workouts

This w/o consists of 3 sets with a a varying rep range (example below)

Day A:
Deadlift 3-6 reps
Row 6-9 reps
Deadlift (again) 3-6 reps
Dips 10-15 reps

Day B:
Bench 3-6 reps
Squat 6-9 reps
Bench 3-6 reps
Facepulls 10-15 reps

Day C:
Weighted Pullups 3-6 reps
OHP 6-9 reps
Weighted Pullups 3-6 reps
Lunges 10-15 reps

On each of the days, I'm adding 10-15 minutes of isolation work.
Day A - Arms, B - Calves, C - Abs

Goals: slowly build muscle without much fat gain while only lifting 3x a week (very busy)

1) Give me feedback please
2) Am I missing anything? Will any muscle groups be lagging?


your shoulders will lag


Thought about that. What should I do to correct this? Lat Raises at the end of one of the days?




Rows, Bench, OHP, dips, pull ups....

OP: except for a few modification, you copied and pasted his program. What are you afraid of? Just choose wisely and you are golden.

How long are you going to run the program?


Ok, thank you for the advice. I am going to run it for 14 weeks until I go to South America in mid December. Did my first lift today (Deadlift, OHP, Deadlift, Lunges...didn't do abs because I was a tad bit hungover but will add them on at the end of Tuesday).

How do my choices look? What would you do differently? I feel it may not be enough volume, thinking of increasing all sets by 1 or maybe adding something else...or maybe not.



Whoops, meant Pullups, OHP. Pullups, Lunges. No deadlifts today.


You should re read the article. You missed this part:

"It doesn't have to be something you follow for a full 8-10 weeks, but it certainly could be if you wanted to. I've had success using it for 2-3 week spurts when particularly swamped with work, or during times when I feel like I've lost sight of the bigger picture and need to refocus my training."

Just get on a CW's full body work out. His programs are meant to be followed for longer time periods.

And why is it that every one that hasn't tried a program says that they "feel" it's not enough volume? Do you use pink dumbells? Every Ben Bruno's work outs have left me panting and sore. Do you think he wrote while sipping Margaritas on the beach?