Please Critique My Lab Work

Brief history:

Total test measured 227 ng/dl prior to starting TRT. Started off with 7.5g Androgel which was useless. Bumped it up to 10g and that was still useless. Switched to compounding cream and did 200mg daily, but still didn’t feel any differently. Started applying to the scrotum and really started feeling it kick in, yet my lab work was a mess. Moved onto injectables.

Latest lab work with me doing 100mg Test E twice weekly, .25mg Arimidex 3 times a week, and 25mg DHEA in the evenings. Blood taken the morning of injection day prior to taking the injection, which would be an accurate trough reading:

Total Testosterone: 1182 ng/dl
Free Testosterone: waiting for results
Estradiol: 29 pg/ml
SHBG: 21 nmol/l
DHT: waiting for results
Prolactin: waiting for results
Progesterone: 0.3 ng/ml
DHEA-S: 561 ug/dl
CBC/hematocrit/hemoglobin: all normal

My DHEA is high and my PSA values are also elevated. Figured I should just drop the DHEA altogether and see what happens.

Thinking about trying .25mg arimidex EOD instead of 3 times a week to bring it down a little more… thoughts?

25-OH VIT D came up as 64 nmol/L out of a range of 76-250. Figure I should add 3000iu daily and see what happens.

Prolactin has always been at the high end of normal so I’m anxious to get that result. DHT was extremely high the last time which was probably due to applying the compounded cream to the scrotum. This should hopefully go down now that I’m on injectables.

Am I on the right track or is there anything differently I should be doing?

That’s a very high T level for a trough reading. You other numbers look good though so you can stay the course or reduce. I wouldn’t change your AI as your E2 is already pretty good.

Keep in mind that I’m doing bi-weekly injections which means that my peak level probably won’t be THAT much higher. I’m essentially getting a measurement 3 days after injection. Wondering if I should keep it that way or reduce T dose.

You need to see what the free test level is before reducing the dose.

And btw @blshaw this wasnt lost on me LMAO. You were the first person to respond to Danny on here and you made quite the observation!!

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What in the world…

And now Danny is an expert…

No experts in this game. Roll the dice and enjoy the ride. Know when to get off the ride.

“I am so frustrated constantly trying to educate you guys on here and you not listening. I have provided countless data and research.”

  • Danny

Danny had no bandwidth to understand or analyze almost anything he shared. He was reliant on whoever was his expert at a given moment. Like a moth to a flame.


I remember in one thread he was talking crap and criticizing someone for bringing up a study with rats, and then himself posted one along with a whole other bunch of his useless spam of studies. Was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on here. Dude just reads the titles most likely then bulk spams the studies acting like he provided something.

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I called him out several times. He posted that his expert had seen 10 of thousands of patients. And I told him that was physically impossible.

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Danny has no formal education in this area or any hard sciences from what i can gather in the public domain. Only on the internet and FB can this type of stuff thrive. I really do feel empathy for him.

Now he is out in very deep water in some of his videos. I hope he pulls through.

Things aren’t adding up here, but didn’t Danny in one of his YouTube live streams say his pre-TRT levels were in the 800’s and he needed 1200 ng/dL to relieve the symptoms of low T?

That was me go figure. Glad he snubbed his nose only to turn around when it suits him.

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