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Please Critique My Hypertrophy 3-Day Full Body Routine


i've been training 1 year already. had nice gains 65kg -> 77kg (170lbs) (5"7' height) , almost lean muscle , little fat

so this is the routine, 3 days a week:

przysiad przedni 3x8 FRONT SQUAT
uginanie nóg leżÄ?c 2x12 LEG CURLS
podciÄ?ganie nachwytem 2x8 PULL-UPS
wiosÅ?owanie sztangÄ? 2x8 BB ROWS
wyciskanie sztangi pÅ?asko 2x8 BB BENCH PRESS
wyciskanie hantli skos 2x8 DB (LOW DEGREE) INCLINE PRESS
wyciskanie hantli siedzÄ?c 2x8 DB SEATED PRESS
uginanie sztangÄ? 2x8 BB CURL
dipsy z obciÄ?żeniem 2x8 WEIGHTED DIPS
wspiÄ?cia na jednej nodze z hantlem 2x15-20 SINGLE LEG CALF RAISE WITH DB

unoszenie nóg w zwisie 3x6-8 (renegade rows 3x6-8) HANGING LEG RAISE (RENEGADE ROWS)
side planks 3x2min (regular plank 3x2min)

  • cardio 30 min

any advice appreciated




It's quite low volume, just 2 sets on most exercises. And are you planning to do same thing 3 times a week? Use a split, nothing fancy just basic upper/ lower/ total or push/ pull/ lower, or something like that and do more volume. The content seems a bit random as well, go heavy on one big compound exercise each session and then smaller assistance stuff, rather than just going through exercises in a random order


For a 3 day split it isn't really bad but it's pretty unusual to do 2 sets on everything. Have you tried adding another set of each exercise? You'd have to see if you can recover from that to be able to do the same thing over the day after next. If it were me and I had 3 days I would do push/pull/legs though.


I quit.


Dibs on your supps.


Assuming this isn't a troll, what are your goals?