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Please Critique My First Test-Only Cycle



I’m 28, 5’8", about 175lbs, about 15% body fat. Doing bjj/grappling 5 times a week and lifting 1-2 times a week. 1 rep max for bench press is 253lbs.

Planning on doing this first cycle off-season to gain a little weight (and strength) and test how my body reacts to extra hormones before maybe doing anavar+supporting test cycle for the competition in autumn/spring season.

So, it is:

  1. weeks 1-8: Testosterone Enanthate 200mg 2x times a week (400mg a week total)
  2. weeks 1-10: arimidex 0.5mg every other day
  3. weeks 3-10: HGC 250mg 2x times a week (500mg a week total)
  4. weeks 11-12: nolvadex 40mg a day
  5. week 13: nolvadex 20mg a day
  6. weeks 12-15: tribulus 750mg a day

also 3 g/day fish oil

I also plan to switch to lifting 3 times a week for this period and cut down grappling to 3 times a week.

Also I’m going to check my hormoes on week 4 and correct arimidex dosage if needed.

So, is it a sane first cycle? What could be done to improve it?


I congratulate you on being the first person in a long time who has posted a first cycle thread after clearly doing some reading first.

On cycle adex and hcg is good.


  1. Up HCG to 3 times per week if pos
  2. PCT length needs to be increased to 8 weeks with nolvadex at 20mg ed. - Or if you are doing the old school 40/40/20/20 at least complete the 4 weeks… I have done 40/40/20/20 in the past but am in favour of the lower dose for a longer duration.


So it should be 250mg 3 times a week for a total of 750mg a week?
HGC is pretty cheap, so getting more isn’t a problem.


250IU E3D throughout cycle. Also agree your cycle looks good.


Yep exactly… I used to do 250iu 2x per week but the half life of HCG is something like 36hrs so best done 3x per week.


I’d skip the var on the 2nd cycle, especially if you compete in the gi. The forearm pumps will be crippling, you’ll blow your grips out quickly.


Another question then. With enanthate ‘throughout cycle’ means weeks 1-8 (until the last injection) or weeks 1-10 (until most of the exogenous testosterone clears out)?


Now that’s interesting. Most of the Brazilians or judokas I know used anavar or winstrol. Would you then recommend low-dosed testosterone for the competition season cycle?


Your cycle is however long you want it to be. I don’t really consider your 2 week clearance time for long esters to be part of your “cycle” you simply run your cycle for 8-12 weeks and then begin your clearance. I recomend at least 10 weeks if your using long esters. 6-8 for short


This is just my opinion. Var is known to cause wicked pumps. Winny is known to be hard on your joints. Before the season, I’d run test E or C at least 10-12 weeks. At 8 weeks, you really are just getting started since it takes ~4 weeks to build up. I would keep testosterone low in season, probably just at a TRT dose. You don’t want any excess water weight throwing you up a weight class. I went up 1, almost 2 IBJJF weight classes going from low T to normal levels on TRT. Masteron should help dry you out a bit and increase strength, many MMA fighters get popped for it or Equipoise. EQ you have to run a really long time though, 16+ weeks. It increases hematocrit, which in turn can help with endurance. It can also increase blood pressure, which would not help.


Just a side note, I would front load the Test E 500mg to get your daily absorption rate up to 54mg immediately. Why, because it will take until week five before your cycle tops off and levels out at about 53mg (daily absorption rate).
Week 1 22mg
Week 2 45mg
Week 3 48mg
Week 4 52mg
Week 5 53mg
Seems to me that 2 weeks of this cycle will be pretty much a waste of time, unless one chooses the front load option.
Half-life and daily absorption rate should be a critical component in designing any cycle.